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The Power of a Good Decision: This Video Could Change Your Life Forever #Video


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This Volkswagen Audi Shock and Awe Video Will Leave You Breathless!


  • Tom Added thanx this video makes it really clear how quick it can happen
  • Earla Added Wow, powerful statement made in this video.
  • [email protected] Added out standing!!
  • Judy Heinz Added Just so good I will remember this video.....thank you.
  • sue Added made me cry - so true
  • Patricia Added Excellent. This is a great way to show the danger of using your cell while driving.
  • [email protected] Added Very good safety video , it just takes a split second and it could be all over. Having your phone ring at just the perfect time really shows the peoples what can happen in just a blink of an eye.
    Very good I think it should be part of t he training film for all drivers.
  • [email protected] Added I've only done this once or twice in my life..... but, it only takes once. Thank you for the reminder!
  • Helen Added What an eyeopener that was! Hope everyone (young & old) will take note..........
  • CharMaine Added Oh SNAP! Powerful. Clever. Share it! Maybe save a life.
  • gary ferguson Added should show it more often
  • iotus2 Added Excellent lesson, Mel. Thank you!
  • Tom Linton Added Right ad. Mel.
  • Lovey Added Needs to be shown everywhere possible
  • Wandakate Added NEEDS to be a television commercial video, needs to be showed in movie theaters, in all high schools and even in colleges, universities, and even in Militiary academies. The impact is worth it if it saves lives...Good thing to share with friends, neighbors, whoever!!!
  • Gordon Added I wish they would have shown the audience a little longer. Would have loved to see the looks on there faces. Very positive video.
  • Sharyn M. Added It is now January 7, 2023 and most students should be in school, even in other countries. This short film should be shown in all schools, no matter the grade, unless the younger students shouldn't see it.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added fabulous reminder that we all have to follow
  • Sheri Added This is such a busy world and we just take for granted our Driver Lic. We need to pay attention not be on those phones while driving. AMEN
  • Lola Added WOW!!! Very, very interesting!! Certainly a good lesson!!!!