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The Moment This Guy Realizes This Little Dog Is Going To Be Just Fine Video

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When this guy was given 90 days to live because of end-stage liver disease, his dogs gave him the will to fight and turn his life around. 12 years later, he's built his own rescue organization and saved thousands of dogs.

To help Zach rescue more dogs, you can donate here:





Video Script:: 

she had a severely broken jaw in like nine places no way to eat no way to drink so if we didn't figure out how to get her care immediately she wasn't gonna survive i'm sorry i'm so emotional but uh she was below five pounds and she was wait nothing she was fragile emotionally fragile physically her little spirit was so close to being broken but there is always a will to live in these dogs even if it is municipal and you have to look really hard to find it i can feel your heart we are here at kern county animal services and we got our girl we'll see what happens but she's in good hands and her life changes now i've committed myself to trying to give back to the animals that give so freely to us oh my god it's 100 hours a week and it's been 100 hours a week for 12 years hi everybody this is jack jack this is skippy but this life that i've been given i'm not worthy of i'm so humble that i've been given the opportunity to fight for these animals there's a magic and a medicine in our animals in our pets she's really got some fire back in her her soul seems alive i very much so recognize an animal saved my life in april of 2008 i was given less than 90 days to live without a liver transplant i was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease at the time i was very much so an alcoholic and a drug addict i guess i was in search of my rock bottom and i found it one morning it was like two in the morning i'm sitting there looking in the mirror just weeping and then in the midst of that i feel like god's next to me and they're all with their tails lagging and they just looked at me like nothing was wrong they just saw i was still in there and i didn't know that i was still in there that morning we made a commitment to change the rest of our lives and just start by walking literally just start walking my way to wellness with my dogs started doing that walk up in the mountains every day five six seven times a day i started to find hope and purpose in those walks about two weeks later i started to ask that he made society if they'd let me start fostering him just kept adding dogs to the pack six months after i no longer needed a liver transplant which is incredible before you knew it barley's mutts was formed uh zach reporting live with everybody's favorite bull terrier and here we are fast forward and our organization has saved over 6 000 animals we rescue everything all creates all breeds [Music] what's going on everybody just got back from the shelter and we got our little girl we found out pretty quickly that we had to remove our entire top after she had her surgery to remove the mandible i knew immediately she was going to be fine because she was no longer a name and i knew she was just a different dog are here at bca it's about 7 20 in the morning getting ready to head home with vida so she is in great spirits got her wrapped up in her little uh kind of neck turban here come honey on my little girl when they took her jaw out the big issue is dogs drink with obviously their tongue but it curls underneath so if you don't have a chin you can't drink water so when she first started to drink it's very very exciting i never thought i'd see so happy to see a bunch of boogers and a cup of my water when she started to eat on her own that meant she could be self supporting she can go on to live with her forever today's your family day today's your big day yeah it's the big day how are you doing great good to see you life is a complex magical confusing meandering journey you know i'm very familiar with what it feels like to not have a future to be looking at a calendar and think all right i'm not going to make it to you next month to not really think about those things anymore and to be just focused on this work it feels amazing being in this work led me to my wife i met her at a rescue event in los angeles and led me to my incredibly beautiful daughter and hopefully it will lead us to more children i feel very very very lucky you


  • Marilyn Added Just wonderful!!!
  • Walli Added The love of a dear animal cures much. God bless them all.
  • Patrick Added Dogs/animals have proven to be a cure-all for most ailments. They make you forget your problems, and you end up devoting your time and affections toward them.
  • Janet Added wow - amazing man - I'm crying
  • Lynne Henderson Added Just goes to show that when you are down, you can come up again - it just takes will and maybe the love of an animal? Just so nice.