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The Best Of Animals Working Together Video

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Teamwork makes the dream work! And that goes in the animal kingdom too. Animals of the same species and even different species work together in symbiotic relationships.





Video Script:: 

[Music] [Music] the new wet season means the chimps are once again full of energy bad news for the local colobus the hunting season has started [Music] Maji spots an opportunity this time he doesn't waste it he initiates his first hunt [Music] the male colobus try to frighten him off he's not much bigger than they are but he bravely carries on and calls out for the rest of the team [Music] [Applause] [Music] reinforcements arrived Brutus and Hatari are here to finish the job [Applause] the whole family joins on [Music] [Music] the catch is a good one there's more than enough meat to go round a hunt like this really brings the community together the BG's family have a new arrival [Music] pucks precious eighth calf is a boy named Sammy no more than a few hours old and the baby instinctively shadows his mum's every move salmon calls continuously to her as if to say I'm here I'm here [Music] [Applause] in the first hours of Santa's life he is on a huge learning curve less than a meter long Sammy must first affect the art of breathing and swimming bobbing up and down Sammy's movements are jerky and uncoordinated [Music] his tiny dorsal fin is still floppy from being squashed up inside love puck doesn't let her baby out of her sight for a second [Music] until now Parker's chosen to be alone with salmon perhaps giving him time to adjust to his new world [Music] then something remarkable happens as the rest of the BG's family start to arrive as if to celebrate pucks daughters and grandchildren the gathering to welcome the youngster into this close-knit family whether she called them in will never be known but at last the rest of the BG's family meet little salmon [Applause] with her family around her puck can afford to relax knowing their safety and numbers [Music] [Music] the most astounding experience I've ever had probably in my life was traveling down to the Antarctic Peninsula to film the killer whales for frozen planets it was just the most remarkable experience we were down there to try to find a Holy Grail sequence something that has been talked about for years and years but no one ever really knew if it was something that really happened or if it was actually sort of you know just a legend in Scotts Diaries they had this remarkable experience killer whales a seeming to work as a team and approach the ice and use a wave to knock off members of his team no one had ever really scientifically recorded it let's say so we were setting off with this challenge to record this behavior that possibly might not even exist we set off and headed out in this phenomenal boat called the Golden Fleece we had to cross Drake's passage which is perhaps the most dangerous passage of water in the world you're on there for four days new non-stop rolling backwards and forwards so it's just this real sense of adventure as you're going across come out of Drake's passage and then also you're coming down the peninsula past all these icebergs and really entering into this icy world it was quite phenomenal and the water can be super glossy and the life around that you're seeing you know these groups of penguins you know heading out to fish in the morning it was so exciting to be that we've been out down there about a week maybe eight days we were getting quite despondent as to whether we were going to see this behavior and then the scientists Bob and John I heard them shout and they said killer whales get whales and and we knew we were we were with a group so the only way we were ever going to be able to keep up with these guys is if we could get a satellite tag onto one of the members of the family group it attached on and that was fantastic because that meant then we had this link with this family group of killer whales and we could follow them through the ice that was really the key so we continued south to get to the place where there was the potential to get this behavior we still had no idea we were actually gonna see it or if it really happened we started following these guys and it was within the first hour we could see this really fascinating behavior of them spyhopping individually they would just poke their heads up and come up rise up and just have a look around see what was about and of course they were looking for the seals and then when they saw one when they found a seal or a group of seals lying on the ice they made a signal and the whole family would just gather around this ice floe so getting one killer whale coming up he was starting to three still we didn't really know what was going on so we were watching this behavior them WowWee you know look not really interest the seal maybe they're going to do something all the killer whales just disappeared and we were sort of looking at ourselves and feeling quite happy that we're seeing this thing and I was just climbing up to the roof of the boat to take the cover off our main camera the Cineflex camera and I was halfway up and I heard this shout wave I don't say throws I just looked out and there is this huge wave heading towards the ice floe this seal and seals like waking up and kind of looking and that entire boat is just like like this and the wave crashed out and that and we just knew you know that was it we just like the whole dope just went and we just knew that was it this was the behavior we were gonna get it and the hunt was on I mean these guys they were on it it was the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life and that day we I think two or three hunts I mean they didn't stop he kept sending these waves at the ice and the ice was spinning around the seal was clinging on and then being flipped off it was so dramatic I mean they were whizzing around and turning round teaming up again and then diving down and swimming towards the ice and he's creating these waves and it was just it was incredible it was really amazing we'd all witnessed something that no one had ever seen before ever and it just felt like this total window onto another world in another time and place for the founding Queen sharing her nest with all these rivals seems like madness but the economics of desert survival is a numbers game and for the moment at least this communal life is the key to her future each Queen now lays her first batch of tiny eggs each no bigger than a pinhead [Music] many new nests contain two or three Queens limiting the initial brood to less than 100 eggs but these 10 Queens have produced well over 300 eggs and when they hatch the colony will become an instant superpower the founding Queen this is the main advantage to taking in lodgers [Music] if the eggs are not kept clean and coated with antibiotic saliva they would quickly be smothered by fungi and rot away [Music] the eggs soon hatch fed by the Queens the voracious larvae that grow quickly and then pupate a few weeks after the eggs were laid the first tiny pail workers emerge from these silky cocoons all aunt workers are female and sterile unable to reproduce themselves their sole purpose in life is to serve the Queens they darken as their bodies become harder and then they are ready to take up their duties some stay underground tending to the Queens and to the remaining brood others head for the surface for a first look at their strange new world [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]


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