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Strange Encounter for Cyclists in Forest! #Video


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Animals often find themselves in peculiar spots, but with a bit of assistance, they're off to embark on another grand adventure.


  • iotus2 Added Bless that man's heart, and courage! He definitely saved a life!
  • Ham Todd Added Thank you for freeing the ram.
  • Judy Added I think this was a college mascot and a prank. Notice the paint? Someone put that ram there. not funny, it's cruel
  • CharMaine Added I'll take the hero wherever I can get one . . . Yay!
  • Su B Added Seems like there might have been an easier way. For example, who was filming? Four hands are better than one.
  • mercedes Added What a Hero----he risked injury to himself to rescue this poor trapped animal!
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added Thank goodness he was such a good samaritan,
  • Glenn L. Added Great example of man's Humanity. Thank you!!
  • Paul Added What a great caring guy !
  • Deb Added How sTressful for both. Kudos to kind young man who dared to help! I held my breath until all was well
  • oldtom9 Added WOW! What an experience for both man and goat! At one point, it appeared that the goat was going to kick. What a kind man to dare to help this frustrated animal!
  • dixie doodle Added That shows that some heroes ride bicycles! Love happy endings!
  • Kathy Added That was certainly a challenge that ended well.