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"I wanted to share this experience. It was a beautiful summer day deep in the Rocky Mountains, not far from our ranch. I was fly fishing in the Shoshone River, hoping to catch a nice rainbow trout, as they are known to love the area. The surroundings were breathtaking, with no one in sight except for the wilderness, nature, and my faithful companion, Hudson. I spent most of the day fishing and walking along the river, but the fish were not taking the bait, it seemed to be one of those days when the rainbow trout had no interest in the numerous flies I had on hand. Hudson grew impatient, perhaps thinking we would be there forever, and decided to make himself a bed between the rocks.
Just as I was thinking of calling it a day, a magical scene unfolded. Three stunning paint horses emerged from the cottonwood trees lining the riverbank, moving majestically towards the water. They were unfamiliar to me, likely from a distant ranch across the river, and were roaming freely in the mountain valley. Their sudden appearance left me awe struck.
In that moment, amidst the true beauty of nature, their presence surpassed any catch I could have made, making it the highlight of my day." ~honeysada


  • Stephanie Added Truly Beautiful...
  • vicki Added Peace while enjoying God's gifts.
  • Sharyn M. Added Oh Mel...This one video was short, but it got to me right away and I kept thinking of the farm I grew up in Michigan. Living in many states across the USA I'm now here in Hawaii and there is nothing better than remembering the animals I grew up with. Watching this video and thinking of my years on the farm, I can't explain how much I thank you for putting on this video. As usually as a crier very easily, I love these videos you put on.
  • CharMaine Added Yet another . . . God Moment. They are all around us, if we have eyes to see . . . thank you for sharing the magical moment with me.
  • Carolyn Added Your video's are always very good I always enjoy them...
  • Linda Added This one brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing better than the Rocky Mountains, a fast running river and gorgeous horses all in one place. It’s almost magical. Thanks Mel1
  • Noreen Added What a beautiful experience he had. God's majestic beauty free.
  • Charlie G. Added HI MEL, THANKS !!
    STAY SAFE ! C. G.
  • Ham Todd Added Simply beautiful!
  • Johnny Added Honeysada is living in heaven, but Nanny was absent. The horses did a great job, must being there!
  • mercedes Added Beautiful Video! Scenery is amazing.
  • Ruth Added Ah my old stomping grounds sort of Shoshone River and a small falls used to be very near where lived in Twin Falls, Idaho! Beautiful country--wish we had stayed there!
  • Peggy Added Beautiful Mel . Very Peaceful . Thank you so much .
  • Sher Added Perfection!
  • Charlie Added Really nice video! Thanks, Mel
  • Mari Added Wish I had been there! However, I think this amazing incident was meant for just you and Hudson.
  • Mary Jane Added Wow, simply amazing. How lucky he was.
  • Randy Ferguson Added Absolutely beautiful! One of the horses my brother has, is a beautiful Paint. That's the one he rides the most in the outdoor play he acts in every year. My dad had several Paints, as well as many other horses of all kinds during my growing up years. Dad not only let us kids ride them, he encouraged it. The more we rode them, the gentler they became and easier to sell. There were a few dad kept for several years, but generally they were all for sale.
  • smeade54 Added It was beautiful!
  • Sandi Angel Added BEAUTIFUL!!