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Self Reliant Life on a Remote Tropical Island #Video

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Marjo and An have an incredible off-grid lifestyle in the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. They've built their own home using locally sourced wood, they harvest fruit from the forest, they fish for their protein, they raise chickens for eggs and meat, and they also generate solar power, harvest rainwater, and use a well for their water and electricity. The island they live on does not have any villages or roads, so everything is transported with a small handmade boat, from their groceries to their fuel. It's not an easy lifestyle that they've chosen, but it is quite beautiful and rewarding (and they can surf from their front door!).

You can follow and find out more about Marjo and An's incredible life on their YouTube channel, Our Island Life:


  • michael Added GGREAT
  • jack Added where do they get the internet? where does the sewage from toilets go?
  • Helen Added No thank you!
  • iotus2 Added Now that is what I call "roughing it"! And I complain because it takes me 10 minutes to drive to the grocery store!
  • sarah Added They are indeed BRAVE and COURAGEOUS! I like watching how they adapt to living so remotely. It has to be hard but rewarding also.
  • S. L.Geysen Added I am interested in remote living. My email address [email protected]
  • Mary Jane Added Good for them, but not for me.
  • Ham Todd Added Fascinating! I couldn't do it though.
  • Teresa Weinmann Added Lately, when attempting to share your videos on Facebook, they have been bouncing it back as spam. I've protested this, but I think you may have to take action on it.
  • Liliana Added Health care? Emergencies? They ARE young. In my 30s, out of the blue - never knowing I even had it - an ovarian cyst ruptured and I bled internally. Would have died without emergency surgery. All life is a risk, I guess! Beautiful people. AND their home is gorgeous! What lovely workmanship. Difficult but rewarding life.
  • Connie Added wow, not sure I could have ever lived like that but I think it is awesome, thanks for sharing
  • Mari Added Paradise for them, but not for me. However, I found this lifestyle very interesting.
  • dixie doodle Added If I were younger that would be where I would live.
  • Adele Added loved it.