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Sam the Three-Legged Fire House Dog Video

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Sam is a firedog who was struck by a car and now only has three legs. He visits disabled children as an inspiration to overcome life’s obstacles.





Video Script:: 

[Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm a firefighter of the Converse Fire Department in Converse Texas I'm a captain of a ship I think it's wonderful to be a female firefighter the excitement the adrenaline rush it has to be in your blood to do this he makes her living in the line of fire and for Barbie bubele working in a man's world is a real badge of honor but Barbie Lee the first to tell you she's just one of the guys they are one big family here in conversed she's the firehouse mom complete with canine kid hey morning Sam how you been Sam makes working here and being a firefighter absolutely perfect I love Sam there's no other way to say how I feel about him except that I love him he's like my son he's like my family and I would do absolutely anything for him he's the department mascot and every fire man's best friend Sam joined the squad several years ago when his owners had to move away and the Dalmatian in the fire station seemed a perfect fit but this is no ordinary fire dog Sam is special and his accomplishments are outstanding I don't think he's a dog at all I think he just has a body of a dog and its heart and soul of a human it all happened right in front of the firehouse on a busy converse street Barbie remembers that terrible day she almost lost a partner and Sam nearly lost his life that was Bob about the worst day of my life let's he got hit by that car I was just terrified I didn't know how to react he couldn't move his right leg very very well we did everything we could to save it but there was no hope of him regaining his movement back in his leg so we had to have his leg amputated and we were terrified that Sam wouldn't be the same dog after having his leg amputated he was so active with us he was every went everywhere with us did everything with the sin he had the leg amputation I think he's even better than he was before [Music] he is one distinguished dog a real prodigy of a pup losing a leg didn't slow Sam down he never missed a step yep old Sam still the hardest-working hound at converse F Dean Sam gets along just totally great now I think he gets along better now he's faster now he jumps higher now I don't know how he does it but he's he's the new improved Sam Sam does pretty much whatever he wants to do around the firehouse he checks trucks with us he cleans with us Sam gets to eat with us because he's one of the guys Sam does anything and everything you can think of he has wonderful table manners he waits to be told so he can eat he has wonderful manners period actually when I say Sam's one of the guys I mean he's no different from anybody else that works here we don't treat him any different he doesn't act any differently whatever we get Sam gets whatever attention I would give someone else Sam gets Sam's not a dog he's not treated like a dog he's treated like a fellow firefighter [Music] technically Sam's not supposed to go on cause but this clever canine has been known to be an engine stowaway now this trips not really an emergency but then again someone is in need it's a case for Sam the fire dog and only he can help I'm Barney as a sample for the Converse fire department we're gonna hear it Queens today we're gonna play with y'all y'all ready play that makes a lot of swear we call special field trips it's wonderful when Sam goes to visit the kids he loves visiting he loves playing with them and they love the signal [Music] I think there's a there is a connection between Sam and some of the other special-needs kids I think he sees to the fact that they are like him that they are just a look might look a little different but inside that they're just the thing to go just like everybody else he took it out of your hand it's wonderful to see the way they react to him and to see that they respond and they talk more when he's around may smile a little more and it makes us feel good that Sam can bring a little bit of special life to someone else [Music] at the sound of the alarm the squad springs into action [Music] no doubt Sam is smarter than the average dog but what makes him so special isn't his brains but his heart you see Sam may have lost a limb but he still has a leg up on all the rest because this Dalmatian has a spirit that's easy to spot he's a survivor beloved partner and three legged friend one thing's for sure Sam the fire dog will never lose his spark Sam means everything here to a Congress fire department he's what we think of when we think of firefighters he's the heart he's the soul of this whole department he keeps us together he keeps us going [Music] you


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