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Prairie Dog Loves Working From Home With Dad #Video

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Today's video made me smile. Rescued prairie dog makes the cutest little noise whenever Dad says her name.


  • c.c. Added Prairie Dog was the best!
  • Deborah Added What a sweet little pet - a little attention getter...
  • Christi Added Just the cutest!!!
  • Ted Added Great vid. Cute pet.
  • patrick Added Great video. What a cool little critter.
  • mimi Added absolutely precious!
  • Binnie Added I love this I want one..
  • Mari Added I want one. :) Always have loved those sweet creatures!
  • mercedes Added Love this video! She certainly has a good home!
  • Peggy Dixon Added Loved this.
  • Randy Ferguson Added This video made me smile throughout.
  • Lynn Added super cute !!!
  • Lola Added Well.......I guess that's ok but what about shots etc.,?? A Prairie Dog? Cute as can be but I don't know about it for a Pet!!?
  • PEGGY Added "Oh My Gosh " , That is so adorable . I couldn't stop smiling :smiling and still smiling :) . He's a great father to poppy and she's a good mom . so glad they have each other . Thank you Mel for making me smile . Have a wonderful weekend
  • Kathy Added Doesn't get any cuter or sweeter. Poppy is such a sweetheart.
  • Mary Jane Added Aww, what a cute story, Poppy is one very happy Prairie Dog.
  • Merridy Added ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Terry Added if i had not seen this, i would have been sad for a captive prairie dog, not having a prairie dog family. these animals live in colonies and rely on each other in the wild. but Poppy definitly has come to see these 2 humans as her colony! Thank goodness they are able to make her life happy. I just hope this doesn't make some less attentive, dedicated and able people feel like they need to go out and get one as a pet. they are high maintainence.
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added This is the cutest story. I loved it.
  • Sandi Angel Added So cute--I loved the way it'd throw its head back and make that sound when its name was called. LOVED IT!!!