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Paralyzed Woman Drives Horse

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Faye thought her life with horses was over after she was paralyzed in a tragic car accident. But she just needed to find the right horse


  • [email protected] Added Outstanding story 0f how animals seem to know the human condition and adapt to it. And how both human and animal exhibit love for each other. Best wishes to both.
  • Dee Added How blessed she is to have such a wonderful horse that totally loves her and she loves the horse. God bless them both with much happiness. Thanks Mel.
  • [email protected] Added wonderful and inspiring!!!!!
  • Rachel Added Great story!!!!
  • sarah Added How beautiful a story that made me cry so many happy tears. I feel so sorry for the people who think animals are just THAT...ANIMALS! They can be our best riends, our companion when lonely, somone we can talk to, someone we can hug, and as this woman said, a LIFESAVER!
  • Lola Added What a beautiful story!!! I love this!! Best Video ever!!!!
  • CharMaine Added That is just a spectacular story and I'm so glad it was told. Majestic, perfect name for him and seeing her engaging with him and eventually in the carriage being led by him is just as majestic. I'm thrilled for this woman. I truly am.
  • Mary Jane Added Wonderful, he really did give her back her life.
  • Mark Added Love it! I can relate because I'm in her exact situation due to MS. Heck I'm just thrilled when certain dogs relate to me. Can't imagine a horse❤
  • Lovey Added wonderful, wonderful story
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added What a wonderful story. And the horse is gorgeous and so very smart.
  • CATHY Added just beautiful
  • Linda Added This is a love story. They were made for each other. And he is as beautiful as she is. Thanks Mel.
  • Su B Added Beautiful story! Thanks, Mel.
  • Ham Todd Added Amazing courage!
  • Sandi Angel Added What a great video and I know how she feels!! I'm not paralyzed like she is, but when my horses had all died I felt there was nothing to live for. I have my dog but it's not the same. Thank you, Faye, for sharing your story. You have a wonderful bond there and I envy it. God Bless!!
  • Gordon Added Great video Mel. Glad to see Faye never gave up hope on riding again. Very inspirational story.
  • Randy Ferguson Added This is such a great video, such a great story, that is guaranteed to warm your heart!
  • Annette Added Thanks for sharing this with us.
  • Sher Added One of the best stories ever! Mel, you're amazing. Thanks so much for this wonderful piece!!