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One Chance in a Million of Being Incredibly Lucky and Saved

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Sometimes strange things that are impossible to explain happen in life. Magic? Presumably it doesn't exist. Coincidence? No, the odds are one in a million or less. In today's video we have collected examples of good luck, as well as the strangest coincidences we have found. Well, it's time to be amazed.






Video Script:: hello everyone sometimes strange things that are impossible to explain happen in life [Applause] magic presumably it doesn't exist coincidence no the odds are one in a million or less in today's video we've collected examples of good luck as well as the strangest coincidences we've ever found well it's time to be amazed let's get it on on March the 7th 2016 sports photographer Christopher Horner posted two photos of a baseball game in Orlando the photo shows a man who managed to save a child from being hit by a baseball bat at the last second it was later discovered that they were Sean Cunningham and his son Landon Sean works as a firefighter and as a young man played on a baseball team thanks to his excellent reaction he was able to protect the child's face from a strong blowing time of course some people on the internet were upset because Landon was playing on the phone instead of enjoying the game but let's see the timeline during the game the bat was released from the hands of a Pittsburgh Pirates player and flew into the audience at the time Landon was looking at his phone trying to send his mother a picture of the match via Facebook thank goodness the father reacted in time but imagine the shock experienced by London's mother Ashley Cunningham her husband told her that a small incident occurred during the game but she had no idea how serious it was until she saw the photo in 2018 a strong 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska underground shocks of this magnitude can cause serious damage to normal buildings and completely destroy older ones no wonder the earthquake damaged some roads that crumbled like cookies and moved like waves like late the earthquake occurred at dawn and there was no need to assess the damage in the dark although it was early enough there were already people on the roads people who could have died if they hadn't been lucky look at this red car its owner should have bought a lottery ticket that same day remember those scenes were movie characters kiss and suddenly the fireworks start in the background beautiful well there are no kisses here just a friendly handshake but the fireworks are must have during a match Canadian hockey players Steve Sullivan was hit hard in the face with a stick the injury was so serious that Steve had to go to the bench but suddenly one of the spectators decided to choke it's not clear what the guy said but it was definitely not good as he was touching his nose where Steve was hit and smiled widely suing a hockey player returned to the game but suddenly the laws of karma worked the puck flew over the barrier and hit that very same guy right in the face coincidence in baseball it's important to keep an eye on the ball because victory depends on it that's what young athletes are taught to watch the ball carefully but no one told us that if you don't you can miss one of the most incredible coincidences of your life in this case the young baseball player hits the ball which bounces off the wall and returns to the same place now wonder the kid didn't immediately realize what had happened yet towards the video several times to understand what had happened so let's see it again can a usual coach have magic powers what if he coaches the Exeter City Club max Taylor seems to have developed the ability to turn off the lights with his hand this strange incident occurred during an interview in 2017 it seems that Taylor was only trying to chase away an annoying moth but we know that that was just an excuse no wonder Exeter had only conceded four goals at the time of the interview Taylor had obviously placed a force field around the goal this vintage video was recorded in 2009 but that doesn't make it any worse than the rest kalfa demand warrants Strickler lived together and were playing ping-pong on a door because they didn't have a table apparently in addition they were recording each of their games on camera during one game they threw the ball as usual but suddenly they realize that they created a melody are not just a random set of sounds but the beginning of the musical theme of the famous video games for Mario Brothers listen it's unmistakable especially if you aren't the original song getting caught in an avalanche is so scary it's impossible to withstand the power of nature when tons of snow fall directly on you and don't stop because of someone so small very often avalanches and tragically for climbers in many cases with serious injuries and even death but these guys that were right on the rock during the Avalanche were very lucky it seems that the snow decided to avoid them passed by them and fall silently without course of them any harm unbelievable they will never forget that day if you've ever bowled you probably know that a bowl that goes into the side gutter probably won't hit the pins well maybe one although you need a loss of luck to win you have to aim for the center and use some special secret techniques but this girl doesn't just know all the secrets of bowling she's also using magic outside Hogwarts you have to admit that it's impossible to knock down all the pins but the ball goes out but at the last moment the ball suddenly jumps as if it were alive and knocks down all the pins in most cases coincidences appear to be completely random but some appear to have being arranged for example this episode that took place during a copper Libertadores match between Flamengo and emilich quickly gained popularity on the Internet in the broadcast Flamengo's coach Jorge azuz reacted emotionally to what was happening and threw a kick in the air no one would have paid attention to this had it not been for the virtual ball which appeared in front of the coaches first the ball rolled towards the coach and split into right when it was hit frankly we didn't even immediately realize that it was a fake ball on September 29 2016 Rebekah Hillier aged 10 got off the school bus for their classmates she was on a residential Road in Pickering Ontario very close to her home the driver was about to start the bus and he'd already removed the stop sign when Rebekah rushed across the street she'd probably done it before but that day a car was driving by a house that was closed a little slower in the girl would have ended up under the wheels but fortunately the car only managed to touch her backpack a little but the most surprising thing is that none of the participants in this almost accident violated the law according to a local policeman the bus driver the car driver and the girl all followed the rules all they could have done was pay attention so be careful skateboarding on a busy road is not a very good idea especially when it comes to a mountain road but in this case what could go wrong a few cars that take the curves slowly the skater in the opposite lane and and incredible luck and then more luck because besides the car the athlete could have easily hit one of the cyclists moving along the road as you can see there are people who are born lucky anyway we feel sorry for the driver of the green car who almost became involved in a fatal accident even though he was simply following the rules a lot of people love golf but for most people it's a pretty boring sport there are no exciting fights no action no adrenaline unless of course an alligator cross across the field but fortunately this doesn't happen very often meanwhile even in golf you can find examples of incredible luck it's not necessarily a fantastic shots after which the ball immediately enters the hole from an incredible distance sometimes the goal is not to put the ball in the hole but to make it land on the edge of a golf cart and not only did it land but it also stops against the laws of physics what do you imagine when you hear the words unusual catch maybe an octopus sir an old shoe a wallet full of money no the protagonist of this video caught something even stranger the buyer was walking quietly through the store when suddenly a fish from the aquarium decided to fight a little for its freedom and it made a dizzying jump landing in the basket of the surprised man the buyer had no plans to buy any fish especially live and was just talking on the phone naturally the clients had no idea what to do with the desperately moving fish in the basket finally the man decided to put the fish back in the aquarium and walked away just in case they say that if something happens once it's a matter of luck but if it happens twice that's something different this guy tried twice to throw the ball into the middle basket but failed however he ended up scoring in different baskets awesome in the comments on reddit some people immediately suspected that it was a special structure to hit the targets in any case on the contrary other people claim that the baskets have an oval shape so it's almost impossible to make a round ball pass through them in any case nice one all we can say about the people in this video is that they should both play Quidditch seriously only the brooms are missing no one in the magician's world as the same reflow all the same luck and finally an incredible situation you can only be so lucky once in your life seriously this group of boys was playing basketball but it was pretty late so one of the tenants was unhappy and caught the police law enforcement officers arrived quickly but then something amazing happened the basketball players managed to convince the police that if they make a half-court shot on the first attempt they would not get a noise complaint ticket normally in such a situation your hands would shake and the ball would fly in the opposite direction but in this case it went straight into the ring hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brainy ORS welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more here subscribe now you won't regret it [Music] [Music]


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