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NETHERLANDS - 12K Scenic Relaxation Film With Inspiring Cinematic Music - 12K (60fps) Video UltraHD

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NETHERLANDS - 12K Scenic Relaxation Film With Inspiring Cinematic Music - 12K (60fps) Video UltraHD
The Netherlands is known for its unique beauty and diversity, despite the country's small size. Here are some highlights of the natural beauty in the Netherlands:
Grasslands and flower fields: The Netherlands is famous for its vast landscape of green grasslands and colorful flower fields, especially in spring. The colorful tulip fields in the Keukenhof area near Lisse are a must-see. In addition, fields of rice flowers and hydrangeas also create beautiful scenery.
Network of rivers and canals: The Netherlands lies largely below sea level, so water is always within reach. With a large system of rivers, canals and lakes, the Netherlands has many beautiful coastal areas such as Giethoorn and Kinderdijk. Cruising, visiting the landscape and admiring the traditional wooden houses on the riverbank are interesting experiences.
Beaches and coastlines: The Netherlands also has beautiful beaches such as Scheveningen, Zandvoort and Texel. The fine sand beaches and vast stretch of ocean are ideal places to enjoy summer and water sports activities.
Wind farms: The Netherlands is famous for its fields containing thousands of traditional windmills. Molen van Kinderdijk is one of the famous scenic spots, and it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Wind farms are not only cultural symbols but also an integral part of the Dutch landscape.
Track list:
00:00:00 | 1. Emotional Intro Motivational Cinematic Trailer
00:04:03 | 2. The Last Look In Your Eyes
00:08:10 | 3. Little Things
00:12:17 | 4. Emotional Inspiring Motivation Cinematic Trailer
00:16:45 | 5. To Be Epic Inspiring Piano Trailer Kit
00:21:49 | 6. Inspiring Motivation Epic Cinematic Trailer
00:26:59 | 7. Inspiring Emotional Motivation Cinematic Trailer
00:34:02 | 8. Alchemy of life
00:48:58 | 9. Melody Of My Dreams
00:52:44 | 10. An Epic Inspiring Motivation Cinematic Trailer
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