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Mystery dog kept showing up at nursing home. So naturally they did this. #Video

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Today's video is sure to put a smile on your face! A dog was found by one of the night shift nurses lying on the couch. He had found his way in through the automatic door. So they adopted him.


  • dmts56 Added Made me cry. My Mom was in an assisted living facility that has a golden retriever who lives there. Mom passed away last November at 92. Penny was a great comfort to her when she visited Mom's room.
  • [email protected] Added Beautiful story of life as it should be for all creatures.
  • Dee Added What a smart and loving dog. Wow, if only humans were that smart and loving. Thank you Nursing Home for giving Scout your home. God bless you. Thanks Mel.
  • Anne Added I love love love those people!!!! What a sweet lucky dog. Thanks Mel
  • Bill Drummond Added Some dogs I know are smarter that some people I know. Their love knows no bounds and they do not understand what race or color means, they just love you because you are you..
  • Lovey Added absolutely great story - the dog is happy and the residents and employees are happy - love it
  • Su B Added Excellent! Wonderful story. Thanks, Mel.
  • Vivienne Added Such a lovely story!
  • Helen Added Dogs are so smart.
  • Merridy Added ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Wandakate Added I am a DOGGIE lover. What Nursing Home was this? What town, does anyone know? I agree that they ALL need a dog and a cat... ALL OF THEM. Is anyone ready to petition the public and see if it happens?
  • Mary Jane Added He knew where he belonged.
  • Lynne Henderson Added Touches your heart and seems everyone wins. Very nice.
  • Larry Added Great story.
  • CharMaine Added What a fantastic story . . . everybody's happy Scout showed up, doesn't get any better than that. Love the story; thanks for posting it, Mel!
  • Deborah Added WOW - I believe that just about all nursing / group homes should have a pet or two...the pets are so caring for all love them they will love you,
  • Ham Todd Added God bless Scout and the folks at the nursing home for adopting him!!
  • Beth Added GREAT story!
  • Terry Added ALL long term living facilities should have a dog or cat or better BOTH. They add so much to bring joy to most people.
  • Allie Werhan Added People feel driven to find answers to stories like this...where did Scout come from? Why here? and so on. But sometimes it is better to leave it alone and just relax and enjoy what is, the mystery, the love, the presence of this lovely warm dog.