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Monkeys in a Zoo Can Sharpen Stones to Break the Glass and Run Away

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Do you love animals as much as we do? They're so interesting to watch and study, and their funny photos and videos online cheer us up every time. Also, animals keep surprising us. For example, sometimes they behave just like humans, which is even a bit alarming. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves; you should see everything with your own eyes.






Video Script:: hello everyone do you love animals as much as we do they're so interesting to watch and study and they're funny photos and videos online cheer us up every time also animals keep surprising us for example sometimes they behave just like humans which is even a bit alarming however let's not get ahead of ourselves you should see everything with your own eyes let's get it on some claim that monkeys evolved into humans when they learn to use tools some people will disagree but when H start to do something very human we think and feel like they're getting a little bit closer to us like for example the female chimpanzee of this video filmed in a zoo in shang yang in china the camera was installed inside a cage and it was totally worth it because the camera caught the primates cleaning don't show this video to your parents if you don't want to hear accusations like well even monkeys clean that room and you don't still like the chimp apparently wasn't trying to actually tidy up her room like we usually do the breeder Wang Jing Jing explained it like this one day we found she stared at us cleaning and then we observed that as she imitated us as a result a chimpanzee took a broom and started cleaning by the way these dry leaves on the floor and not the janitors fault they're collected and then scattered in the chimpanzees cages to mimic their natural habitat when a dog owner has a young child it becomes quite difficult to walk with both of them some prefer to tie their pets at the stroller others go out with the child and the dog separately but there's a third secret option why not teach your dog to walk with your baby on its own by the way it's not as difficult as it seems and you can even find amazing guides online of course you still shouldn't leave them unattended a dog walking your child is sure to get does the device on them as you can see apes enjoy imitating people and they only adopt habits that can be useful to the video from a Japanese Zoo captured an amazing moment an adult orangutan wiping its face with a towel just like a human being moreover he soaks the towel in water squeezes it and only after that applies it to his face to refresh himself yes that summer in Japan was really hot and the orangutan definitely knows how to deal with this problem the second Arang it sounds smaller in size watches the first one closely and tries to rinse his hands with water but he likes the towel better however the big male doesn't want to share because he needs the towel but what we found really adorable was how the big male carefully watched the rocks with itself because things have to stay dry right it's no secret that dolphins are extremely clever creatures some scientists even consider them the smartest animals on the planet after humans of course and yes dolphins have managed to beat us in some ways humans chimpanzees elephants Magpies and dolphins are known to recognize themselves in the mirror other species of the animal world usually don't understand that they're looking at themselves without special training or sometimes they don't see anything at all however dolphins not only understand who they see in the reflection but they're also able to look at themselves with interest yes just like people moreover humans start recognizing their reflection at about 12 months and chimpanzees at the age of two to four years but dolphins recognize themselves in the mirror seven months after birth which means that they can be considered even more intelligent than people in some aspects and we would not argue with that world one orangutan learned to make cold compresses this one learn to do laundry these Apes are really very similar to humans it's no wonder that the word orangutan itself means forest man in the Malay language because these creatures can be very will human in a video shot at Leakey count for orangutans you can see that an adult species with a baby on her back decided to watch the laundry apparently this simple household process fascinated us so much that she decided to join in not for all everyone could use a little help right and we must say that she's really good asses look she's really doing it by the way in the wild orangutan czar afraid of water and stay away from it so here's another proof of how quickly they adopt human habits unlike many other living creatures that we've already mentioned in today's video cats are far from being like humans yes they're incredibly cute but they certainly have very little in common with us except for this cat called miju for some unknown reason this fluffy little creature sits exactly like a human and nobody quite knows why maybe a mother didn't teach her to sit like a cat anyway miju looks very funny look she's like a grandma watching her favorite talk show on TV and she's not very happy with what's going on help me help me this English Springer Spaniel named Jess not only gars the sheep on her owners farm this amazing dog also gladly feeds orphaned lambs by holding a bottle of milk her mouth just takes care of 4 lambs who can't be fed by the right mother the owner admits that she taught the dog how to hold the bottle but Jess learn the rest on her own and has been helping the Lambs since she was a puppy and she's doing a great job oK we've already seen how many different modern primates can be very human-like but they still remain animals primarily because they're afraid of fire is that right nice can see the genius bonobo they say that kanzi's intelligence is comparable to that of a two or three-year-old child and no wonder because this chimp has a gift for languages he already knows more than 200 words which is a lot for an animal but Kenzie has other talents he can also build a fire from scratch that is collect firewood and then use matches to start the fire we aren't sure that a three-year-old child could do something like that but we don't recommend that you test it besides Kenzie didn't limit himself to making a fire he also put marshmallows on a stick and roasted them what an amazing Kreacher you probably heard about chimpanzees being able to smile but did you know that they can also laugh just like people well taking their anatomical features it to accounts of course for a long time it was believed that human laughter came from the fearful grins of our ancestors that had nothing to do with actually being happy but recent research shed the scientists were quite wrong chimpanzees cannot only smile but also laugh when they experience positive emotions smiles aren't about fear or submission as we used to be believed it turns out that the more similarities we look for between chimps and people the more chances we have of finding that Bell away most likely ancient people laughed as a game element and over time it has become an integral part of our lives monkeys don't walk upright due to the structure of their skeleton and muscles once upon a time our distant ancestors learn to stand erect and evolved this happened in monkeys from time to time some primates can stand upright but they will still slouch and look you know like monkeys but not this gorilla called ambam he lives in a wildlife park in Port Lympne II in the UK and likes to walk upright employees claim that this is how the gorilla examines the surroundings and locates its food but why don't the other gorillas do it then maybe it's because ambam was born and raised in captivity and Bam's father probably walked on two legs a lot too scientists believe that an bamps father could start life as a pets and learn to walk on sea legs which means that ambam in turn could get his incredible skills from his parents or it could be genetic and be inherited without any training either way this is not gonna be like that movie planets of the apes at least for now you can find many different and simple explanations about the theory of evolution online for example monkeys became humans but they first took a stone and use this as a tool well if this is true then this little Colombian white-faced Capuchin from the Henan profit zoo in China is one step closer to offering coffee in Starbucks here's his story first the monkey sharpened a stone and try to break glass with it that is it wasn't just an accidental blow but a carefully planned escape the animal managed to get what it wanted after several attempts the unexpected result frightened the monkey who jumped sharply from the cracked glass but then came back and even touched the result of his work a transparent wall itself didn't break completely because the zoo uses tempered glass so the Capuchin couldn't leave the enclosure anyway but he wasn't a bad attempt however to avoid further problems all these stones were removed from the cage according to the zoo staff this Capuchin is smarter than his relatives who live with them he is the only one who uses tools to crack nuts dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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