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Midwest Accents Are The Best. Rob Brackenridge

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Added by Mel in Comedy


Midwest accents are the best, if you don't believe us, just listen to Rob Brackenridge.






Video Script:: I was trying to explain winter though the people that have never seen it like black ice do you guys know what black ice is okay that's like when you're driving along like Oh 43 time Wow okay oh there's that tree I hope I don't get it yeah we I'm trying to explain to my friends in Los Angeles black ice like all black ice the most dangerous part of a winter see black ice go the other way don't fear and black ice they thought I was saying black guys now they think all white with signs of guys are prejudiced but we're not for crazy we're we're a little cuddly people from the movie fireball you know okay we're like also you're a black fella meet I was saying working out 40 that they were tolerant of other people we're just happy to have something to talk to you looks to be a nice enough that you you guys can tell I got the Wisconsin accent into Daniel I use it for birth control now it's not a romantic way to talk it's amazingly everything I say sounds like a game show buzzer right like where's my big with me that's the way we say the word be a G I thought everyone said like that first time I move it out to Los Angeles I go hey guys know where my be yes it's pronounced bag I'm like well I beg to differ I showed that guy but I don't really have the accent that bad my fishing buddy Todd you know but he's one of those guys with the big beer gut and his fingers look like bratwurst you shake his hand you get hungry then we're ready to take off the grill and he always talks like maybe someone kicked him in the throat a long time ago and always like yeah is out there by the league and then while they're just jumping and boy remember good for pickling oh yeah your crappie Oh pickle up nice tool sorry to trust a guy with that accent you know my doctor actually has the Wisconsin ax sex the other day he comes up to me he's like rap or gonna have to put you on Demerol I'm like why and he goes what Demerol we got I want a new doctor but that accent really they it comes from the German people the Germans settled out here or up in Wisconsin do we have any German people at Germans descent oh yeah what's your last name trash oh but what was the German one frog good Oh how do you spell it sprog it's wrong it was proudly longer than that that no German name is only one syllable it was like spraga nichkhun fucking schmuck your relatives came over in Ellis Island they took your Icahn fucking schmuck but you can see how the Wisconsin accent just evolved from the German because the German guy came over here a long time ago he came over with Stan's a long time though he's like you all mentioned skin get salmonella 10 o'clock viaduct score double yeah I'm freezing my beaver shit yeah so helium's English only has a child and he raised a child he teaching the talk and the guy goes out there why fishing for the love of my team it's the evolution of our accents and I noticed we have our own little language in Wisconsin we we say stuff that no one else would say we say stuff like c'mere real quick once you want me to come over there really fast one time jump the car get me one a done real quick everything's real quick you know you just add that to every sentence even if it doesn't make sense like pour some molasses on there real quick I can't that's as fast as it'll go you're just gonna have to wait like everyone else and I think we're the only ones that call traffic signals stop and go lights [Music] everyone else calls from stoplights but that's just because they focus on the negative [Applause] we're a little more optimistic in Wisconsin we know eventually you're gonna go we'd be happy just calling them go lights but the dead giveaway here from Wisconsin is if you suffer from what I call the ER no factor like you guys coming with or no you sighs have supper or no and stay away from the Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival that's just embarrass there like to be that's the question forget about that iambic pentameter these states are riding up on me it's not a romantic way to talk there's so many more romantic sounding accents out there like what would you say the most romantic male accent is Frank's boy that guy's adamant I'm rolling in the French size I was kind of asking the ladies thanks for coming out I guess literally and figuratively women you do like friend Shay I don't understand what that is you know it doesn't even matter what the French guy says bullshit Lee Yori she's like oh Pierre that's not fair you know we can't get away with that what the was tax an accent you know you're not gonna have much luck picking up a girl at a bar zoli's oh you come here often and it's not just humans it's like in the bird world there's certain birds that are luckier than other birds because they have more romantic sounding mating calls like that was exciting you here for a second she's like a wobbler man that little bird gets lucky constantly always rebuilding the nest that would be like you know the French accent it was Saxon accent in the bird world is more like the crow the crow has got to be the least lucky bird in the bird world his call actually admits defeat honey bunny hops across the street needs dead stuff that's how crows walk not their fault they're victims of their operations just like me hey did you know that dry buyer comedy has their own app download it now you can watch my whole comedy special


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