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Luckiest People Ever Caught On Camera | Perfect Timing! #video

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The woman that nonchalantly took a step back to avoid being hit by big tire rolling straight towards her blew my mind!


  • Edna Added These individuals found religion, if they didn't have it before. What close calls they had.
  • iotus2 Added Good video - how close to death can some people come and still walk away safely?
  • Rujam Added Oh boy, I was flinching half the time.
  • gary ferguson Added these people need not buy a lotto ticket as they haved used all thier luck up
  • Merridy Added WOW WOW WOW
  • Patricia Added This video had me yelling several times and I may have nightmares after watching it
  • Mary Jane Added Those were some really close calls.
  • mimi Added 95% of the video blew my mind!
  • Lola Added OHMYGOSH!!!!!! WOW just WOW!!!!!!!
  • Randy Ferguson Added These close calls will have you on the edge of your seat!
  • BA Added Thanks Mel-youth is stupid
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added total luck for most of these people - wow
  • greg Added very good
  • Carmen L Added Wow, too close for comfort….
  • Ham Added A whole bunch of wows in this clip!!
  • Sheri Added Wow these sure get the ole heart pumping fast, thanks Mel!
  • Paul Added That was crazy !!!
  • dixie doodle Added WOW! Those were some close calls! thanks for sharing!