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Lovebird Will Go To Any Length To Break Into Kitchen Cupboard #Video

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Lovebird can't stop breaking into the kitchen cupboard — watch what she does when her humans try to keep her out.


  • Susan C Added I had a parakeet that would sit on the edge of the shelf above the sink where I did the dishes. I told him he better be careful and not fall, but one day he leaned over too far and ended up in the soapy water.
  • CharMaine Added What a goofball bird . . . into EVERYTHING -- cute but it would drive me looney. I recommend a new name: Trouble. Appropriate, dontchathink? Gotta love her.
  • Trisha Added What a bird! Don't think I could deal with that.
  • Mimi Added Since I have a bird I could relate. The video is so funny I laffed throughout the whole thing! Thanx Mel.
  • mercedes Added I would have given the bird one cupboard of her own. Just keep non-breakable items in her cupboard and let her have some fun!
  • Mary Jane Added Cute bird, but it would drive me crazy.
  • kay Added smart little bird
  • Sandi Angel Added Very cute!!
  • Kathy Added Cute bird.....very patient people!!!
  • Paul Added Funny stuff !!
  • Rachel Added Cute!!!
  • Jackie Added Love it!
  • Sher Added These people are EXTREMELY patient!!!
  • Adele Added That is cute
  • Becky Added How adorable is that! Too much fun & Prince sure does keep things Interesting... Wishing you many years of fun with this amazing Love Bird --
  • Beth Added So sweet!