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Lamborghini Sian Roadster, Omega Car, Hagerty Hot List - Daily Driver Video

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Added by Mel in Automotive


The Lamborghini Sian Roadster Hybrid gets revealed, a master builder makes a 100 MPG sports car, and Hagerty previews the hot list. Plus, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the Ford archives.. Host Maddie Zavala.






Video Script:: 

on today's show a lamborghini that's juice a fast car that gets a hundred miles per gallon and a preview of our Haggerty hot list plus a glimpse into Bronco history you won't wanna miss I'm Mattie Zavala and this is haggerty's daily driver buckle up [Music] first up Lamborghini has unveiled its newest hyper car it's an 819 horsepower roadster called the Shawn which also sounds like what your college roommate wants to be called after six Keystone lights hey bro call me the Shawn name aside it's a big technological step for the company like any self-respecting Lamborghini flagship it has a v12 engine but it also has a 34 horsepower electric motor has lamborghini treated their loafers for Birkenstocks know the e motor provides extra oomph between 0 and 80 miles per hour filling torque gaps during shifting and helping the car hit 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds should we tell amber geenie that the p1 had torque fill in 2013 no okay 48 volt systems aren't revolutionary but Lamberg ease is different because it uses a super capacitor instead of a traditional lithium-ion battery the super capacitor is three times lighter than a battery with similar power which is cool but the real trick is that it recharges at the same speed it discharges batteries don't do that this allows the Shawn to completely recharge when you hit the brakes good because without the e motor the Shawn only makes a measly 789 horsepower which is obviously not enough oh and you can also use the e motor to park silently which is great because otherwise it's a very very subtle car moving on do you remember the guy that built the turbine powered Batmobile replica his name is Casey couch and he has a new creation the Omega car Casey believes there needs to be an evolution in how cars operate to reduced waste so he along with a crew of students set out building the Omega the goal is to create a car that go fast gets a hundred miles per gallon and uses as many recyclable materials as possible for instance the engine is a 2 liter diesel out of a Volkswagen Beetle it sounds slow but it should get the Omega to 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds and it does burnouts [Music] hell yeah brother once the Omega is finished it will go on a US tour so look for it driving past a gas station in your town and finally it's natural as a car enthusiast to see an early 90s Honda Civic cell and bring a trailer for $50,000 and think dang I wish I would have bought one when it was cheap now Haggerty doesn't have a crystal ball but we do have a ton of experience analyzing trends in the collector-car market and we want to give you a chance to buy a car now that could be worth big bucks at barrett-jackson in 2060 it's called the 2020 Haggerty HotList our team of experts have put together a list of six new cars on sale now we think will be the collector cars of the future maybe the EcoBoost Ford Raptor makes the list what about the BMW 8 Series ooh maybe the TRD Toyota Camry okay maybe not the TRD Camry what do you think will be on the list leave your guests in the comments below and come back to Hegarty dot-com /media at 8:00 a.m. Eastern tomorrow to find out and coming up we take you deep inside Ford's archives for a look at how the original Ford Bronco is made but first [Music] [Music] the new Bronco will be out next week and our own Eric Weiner got a special invite for a rare look deep inside forth archives in Dearborn let's listen to company historian Ted Ryan talk about how the classic truck came together so the stats and numbers on the archives in general are 16,000 cubic feet of records there's three miles of shelving so if you laid every shelf end-to-end it would stretch half way in towards Detroit the origins of the Bronco actually go back to World War two Ford built more than 270,000 jeeps during World War two and we had a lot of experience in the manufacturing in fact the vertical grille that's so iconic with Jeep was a Ford design these are the original documents launching the Bronco program so Ford identified the opportunity to build something that could be both a rugged 4x4 and a highway driver this is the memo that took the Bronco to the next step and I love this particular line I'm reading upside down but for the development of a Ford utility vehicle code named Bronco and it's not very often that a codename extenuate sovereignty the naming of the actual vehicle itself but there's three separate memos all titled goat semi prototype build G period o period a period t period goes over any terrain since the origins of the Bronco were in the Jeep has had that same mentality the GIS had all come back from the war calling the jeeps the goats and so Ford wanted the goat to be in the DNA of the Bronco from the very beginning this cool stuff nobody's ever seen this stuff before either I mean we don't typically share our executive communications so we have one of the biggest collections of negatives is 350000 styling eggs from the early 50s all the way through to today they're from the design center the restricted we typically would never show these off but pulling out the s nags like we did we did this for the design team so that they could see you know and they could look for a kernel of the different cars so that the DNA of the current Bronco would reflect the DNA of the previous generation this is the real heart and soul of the design collection for Ford we've got the drawings and all the different designs and all the different clays the different iterations so the next section is trimming color and this is more just light-hearted lark but naming colors is the sport of kings Rangoon red Yuma yellow sea pine green it is highly used collection this gets used all the time because people will write us and they want to know what color what the official name was and want to know if something if something's gonna be repaired so we'll end up scanning some of the instruction sheets for the restorations if you want to see more of the video and learn about what's inside the archives go to Haggerty comm slash media or click the link below Tiffany stone we'll be back next week to bring you all the latest car news until then have a great weekend and keep driving


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