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Korat Cat 101 - The 'Almost' Perfect Cat Breed #Video

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Dive into the fascinating world of the Koret cat, a breed steeped in history and mystery! Discover why this elegant feline, once a cherished companion of Thai royalty, deserves more recognition and why it might just be the perfect fit for your home.


  • CharMaine Added Wow, $500-$2000 . . . seems like you can find a look alike wandering the neighborhood or at a rescue. Too pricy for me considering how many look-a-likes that are quite similar but cost a lot less. I'm just staying. I'd rather save a stray.
  • Paul Riggle Added Beautiful cat! One question. Are the gray cats that we see everywhere part Korat?
  • mimi Added gorgeous cat - would love to have one of those breeds. I use to have a siamese until he passed away. I miss him. p.s. I have a parrot now.
  • Sandi Angel Added I had a cat that looked just like that one but was a Russian Blue and got killed on the highway when he went out prowling. I miss him--That one smart cat in the video and I've never heard of the breed before now!!
  • Sher Added One of my cats is a Russian Blue and shimmers as she walks. Cats are great and these are lovely! Thanks to Mell. :) :) :)
  • Marty Added Interesting. I have never heard of that breed. I really love the color of the coat. That "blue/gray" look is so pretty and seems to be very silky. Thanks Mel!
  • Lola Added Interesting!!!! I love cat's!!!!
  • Mary Jane Added They are beautiful cats, however I am firmly in the adopt don't shop mindset.
  • Kathy Added Never heard of the Korat breed of cats. Thanks for the info.
  • Becky Added Korats are cherished in their home country of Thailand as “good luck cats?”  How extra special these cats are as gifted in pairs as a wedding present. How special is that!  No matter what ..everyone needs kitties in their home - I love allll mine so much but they are not korats-- Adopt a kitty today-- I enjoyed the background on Korats- :)
  • Rachel Added Enjoyed!!