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Insane 720HP AMG GT Black Series Video, 3D-Printed Pistons, AWD Civic Type R - Daily Driver

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Added by Mel in Automotive


The AMG GT Black Series is finally revealed, a Porsche gets lighter pistons, and the next Civic Type R could be all-wheel drive. Plus, a crazy story of a World Series promotion from Chrysler. Host: Tiffany Stone





Video Script:: 

welcome back ladies and gents on today's show the amg gt black series finally debuts porsha tries 3d printed pistons and honda thinks about an all-wheel drive type r plus the true story of a baseball legend's weird road trip i'm tiffany stone and this is hagerty's daily driver let's buckle up first up after much anticipation we finally have the details on the amg gt black series now let's get right into the specs because first of all this car is insane it has adjustable sway bars lighter windows and the stickiest of michelin tires and the whole car has more gills and movable wings than a flying fish it also has a 4 liter flat plane v8 that sounds amazing just listen to this [Music] not only does this sound amazing it's also the most powerful amg v8 ever made and here are a few reasons why first the turbos push a total of 24.6 psi into the engine making a whopping 720 horsepower and 590 feet of torque and here we were thinking that the amg's gtr's 19.6 psi was enough all that power and boost goes through amg's seven-speed dual clutch transmission helping it go from zero to 60 in 3.1 seconds oh and a top speed of 202 miles per hour now like any good member of the black series family the amg gt is built for corners and the rear suspension now uses spherical bearings instead of rubber bushings so if your name is gt2rs pista or perfomante you better start stretching and those are my words of advice to you now moving on 3d printing has been used to make car parts light control arms and seats but now it's being used to make pistons long time piston manufacturer mall along with mechanical engineering company trump have successfully 3d printed a set of gt2 rs pistons for porsche i know you guys all know this but most pistons are either cast or forged and then required c and c milling but maul says they've reached the limits of those methods now with 3d printing they can put material exactly where it's needed building a stronger lighter piston i mean come on they're using a laser beam which melts special metal powder into these precise places let me say that again lasers how cool is this now the finished gt2 pistons were just as strong as forged ones but now they are 10 percent lighter allowing the engine to gain 30 horsepower take that in 30 more horsepower so as car companies seek efficiency in every part of a car we could see a lot more 3d printing this is also great for people who own classics as it gives us more tech to keep our cars running and finally last week a civic type r limited edition set the front-wheel drive record at japan's suzuka circuit but they might have to move to a new class soon the all-wheel drive class as translated by the drive japan's best car blog has alleged that the new civic type r is being developed that will have all-wheel drive subaru you're hearing me you better look out for this now the website reports that the future civic would use electric motors on each rear wheel to create a torque vectoring all-wheel drive system let me break it down for you it's pretty simple just think about it like this it's like the nsx powertrain in reverse now uh the total output is to be rumored around 395 horsepower which in my honest opinion it will definitely need it to fight the vw golf r or hyundai's 390 horsepower rm19 now if that car goes into production which it should please hyundai even toyota is bringing their all-wheel drive corolla now the civic type r has been the king of front wheel drive speed but with competition shifting power to the rear honda might have to make some changes now who will win is the biggest question of all driving enthusiasts that's who's going to win so you guys are already the winners of all of this coming up a weird dodge camping trip but first welcome back to story time with t stone now what do you get when you do a great job at work you get a handshake maybe a better office well as hagerty reports if you're a detroit tigers pitcher named mickey lolich you get a weird dodge camping trip let's start from the beginning let's take you back to 1968. you're 28 years old you're a lefty pitcher from detroit and you help win game seven of the world series now after your victory someone at dodge comes up to you with a very unique ad campaign dodge has a sweepstake in which contestants can win one of nearly a dozen items but how do we show you the prizes that you could win pictures no no no no that's been done to death before how about this this is a great idea how about we send mickey and his family on a 10-day camping trip around the country and take photographs with them with all the cars this is a brilliant idea i'd love to meet the person who came up with this amazing idea so a photographer followed the lolitch family around and dodge did use some of the photos for the brochure of a 1969 trailblazer sweepstakes the sheer number of vehicles the lolich's interacted with is kind of crazy let me put it this way a valet drives fewer cars in a week but that's not even the craziest thing first it did start off pretty normal the family was hanging out in the travco model 270 dodge motorhome it's pretty cool but later that week they were towing an airstream with a dodge charger rt which is highly unorthodox but also super cool i mean who needs a truck anyways to me torque is torque but they also towed something that was called the nimrod camelot deluxe trailer which is the weirdest name in the entire world for a trailer company i can't even smile when i'm talking about this because i know that bugs bunny began using the word nimrod in 1932 as an insult so why are you insulting yourself now did the lolich's actually camp in any of these absolutely not but that's where the story takes a weird turn that includes a trip to the emergency room and a congressional investigation but if you want to find out some more information head over to to read the rest of the story or click the link below now everybody that's it for today but come back tomorrow for all the car news until then keep driving guys they want me to say that i would 100 buy this nimrod trailer but there is no chance in h e double hockey sticks that i would actually do this


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