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I Taught My Cat to Play the Piano #Video

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Teaching my cat Michael his first real-life skill...

Want a piano to teach your pet?

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  • CharMaine Added Amazingly cool . . . lovin' ya, Michael!
  • Mimi Added Michael is darling -- could he teach my bird how to play the piano?
  • Peggy Added "oh My Goodness ) Bravo , Bravo . Absolutely Brilliant. Still smiling :) Gosh Mel , You really know how to pickum ! Thank you Mel . Happy Super bowl weekend ... Go 49s ..go Chiefs, I like them both :)
  • Debbie Added This is great!! Loved it!
  • Mary Jane Added This was great fun to watch, don't think I could ever get my cats to play a piano.
  • CantBePCAnymore Added The CGI of the cat's eyes spoiled it.
  • Sandi Angel Added COOL!! He needs to go on 'America's Got Talent'
  • Kathy Added Michael is a very different and talented cat.
  • Marty Added This one just made me laugh and laugh and laugh!! I don't know how they got Michael to make those facial expressions, but this is just so great to watch! Thanks Mel for making this Super Sunday start off super!
  • Sher Added I love cats and this one is certainly special. But the manipulation of his eyes was a little weird. Nonetheless a talented cat, indeed!!! :)
  • judy Added And now Michael has also become the first piano playing 100 lb. cat!
  • Becky Added AMAZING you are with talented Michael ..with lots of love surrounding the training & fun showing our cats are genius' in many ways :) Standing ovation on your pet piano- We would love more of Michael-and family - Outstanding precious... thank you Mel