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Hummingbird Builds Nest Size of Average Egg Cup #Video

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This rufous-tailed hummingbird was filmed in Panama. She had one egg inside the nest and was adding further nesting material as she brooded it.

Watch her fly off periodically to fetch tiny samples of moss and leaves and then tuck them neatly into the side of the nest with her long beak. They will provide extra insulation for when the chick hatches.


  • Noreen Added I hope we will get to see her tiny eggs!!!!! So small!!!!! She is so beautiful.
  • Ruth Added I really enjoy what you send out about animals of all kinds, it i really a treat for animal lovers. To me they are gifts to us and are what humans were meant to be but failed. Animals are just natural, who they are and real...I love that! Thank you, Mel for all you share with us!!
  • Marty Added So cool! I have a couple of hummingbirds who come up in my backyard to my feeder and I love watching them feed.
  • Mary Jane Added How lovely.
  • Randy Ferguson Added Beautiful!
  • Paul Added Awesome bird !!
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added I love hummingbirds.
  • CATHY Added thank you mel. beautiful
  • Sher Added I hope the rain didn't increase and force her to leave the nest permanently. Hummingbirds are such beautiful creatures and this world is badly in need of more beauty and love. Thanks to Mel.
  • dixie doodle Added Thank you for posting this Mel!