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Horse Back ARCHERY Video - My first attempt Reinless! - Emma Massingale

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


My first go at Horse back Archery...and Yes I have always loved watching Robin Hood! The ancient old skill is actually more tricky than it looks but its a really fun thing to try. Check out how the ponies and I got on, of course we had to be riding reinless too.






Video Script:: 

hi guys so today I have something a bit exciting planned so I haven't tried before last week I had a really lovely girl come and train with me and and she was into horseback archery now it's something I had had a go at doing bit of archery as about a 7 or 8 year old kid my dad did a bit and not on horseback I'm with dad from the ground and so yeah I think was about seven or eight year old kid and there's a few photographs to see if I can find them of me having a gay firing a bow and arrow at a target and and Charlie was really cool and she did it on horseback so I thought I really wanna have a go at that so I went and ordered online I've got myself all the game idea I didn't know what kind of arrows to get so I just got a selection Nick I chose purple and these ones I felt look rather cool they have got their aluminium so they're really light not like the old days be surprised kidneys have wooden areas it seemed a bit more like Robin Hood but these ones definitely look a lot more fun and probably a lot faster so got some arrows and I've got a hundred take your hand put it together but this is a and yeah it's super easy supplier can't wait to see what my ponies in there I wonder what they'll mind I don't think I quite used to me doing weird things so they'll think this is fun now I've got care okay say and the first thing we'll do is actually I'm gonna make a target and obviously I'm they want to go firing just any old random places I'm gonna aim at a target so I've got some over the phone and they've also got a load of targets target I thought I'd start with feel like I might have needed something a little bit bigger oh yeah and then I think any handsome man there should be and then as I get better today but yeah but I thought we could have a play around and yeah see if we can get it set up have a go and then get the ponies out and see what they make of it and see if we can have a go on top of my ponies maybe even at Liberty that would be so cool yeah and I don't know if I cope with rains Annabelle and I say might be you zero it out let's get set up and have a go I think that's my target ready reckon dougie you're gonna need chuffing in the house already I've got a piece of rubber man I was gonna put behind this as well and then I'll put it against the hedge I think on the bank so that we shall be next put this together and then I know although it looks like it should go that way I know it doesn't it's gonna Bend that way say I need to just read the instructions okay oh this head string that like I might have been a big knot okay now that looks right doesn't matter yeah it's again that's gonna have a gay guys gonna go and stop all the dumped in do you want it's mostly gonna sneak oh four fingers okay let's have a go this is a good distance away though it looks actually there's quite a long way away all right take one yeah yeah good one okay I think we can aim slightly to the right oh look at that I got the target again [Music] finding out oh my gosh Bendtner arrow is like a banana needless to say went in that direction my way what see if I was getting a bit more accurate and King a little bit more accurate see it's time to going at Nala now let's see what it's like on horseback well are you doing keep your craziness to yourself loving anybody got know it as I fired a few at the target now that I'm sort of more or less aiming I just say try from the ground first of all and just see what he thought of it and he's half asleep today just dragged it out for the field and he's them yes definitely quite sleepy so we'll see if this makes him actually so I better just and techie doesn't mind the noise it makes a bit of a whoosh and a thud noises it hits the target shoe let's see what he might makes it like wowzers something fired out the way really Oh good boy thank you I always think if you don't scare horses you know it ain't mine stuff you know quite used to me doing weird things say you know I think you ever do the desensitizing just I'm just gonna pretend it's perfectly normal and then adjust accordingly if I need to but he's pretty good Wow almost I want him to think it has too much to do with him a couple from this side of him just get a little bit closer so that he has it right by his face I'll be fine three years before you know nosey okay [Applause] all right this is my first gay on board ever on any horse never done this before probably would recommend going weightless the first time either it's gonna make a really good YouTube video because I'll be like me and he goes oh my god Oh missed slightly chickened out then that's good like oh I won't pull it back really far just in case one more I know thee [Music] either good boy kid lad good boy nobody goodnight stay good lads stay fun they actually got them in the target whilst capturing it's not about it from a first guy now Z is a true Pro he doesn't mind it anything to you now Z hey he's such a good boy is amazingly good fun like having to focus on something else you're not to think about your riding and just yeah trying to just get a nice rhythm in the counter so that then you can aim a couple of times I got the arrow all wrong sort of fell off it's them off the clip here and it's quite a lot to think about you try to get it all ready in one go ready to like ready to fire at that one target say I think next time to set up some more targets so that I can get going a bit more and maybe go in the field as well so I can sort of travel around a bit further so you can shoot one target and then the next and then the next rather than just coming around but for our first game I don't think that's too bad quite happy with that don't forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell thing so you don't miss any of our videos


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