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Guy Is Obsessed With Getting A Hummingbird To Land On Him #Video

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Guy spends hours every day trying to get a hummingbird to land on him — watch how he finally did it


  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added What a cool experience - and the hummingbird obviously finally trusted him!
  • Ham Todd Added Very cool!
  • Sharyn M. Added Loved this and wish we had Hummingbirds in Hawaii, but it's too far for them. However, we had lots of Hummingbirds in Missouri and just loved watching them in our many feeders.
  • Mari Added Humming birds are so fascinating! Bless him for his patience and his love for nature.
  • Sandi Angel Added I LOVED that!! I have hummers where I live but very few. I put out red salvia and watch them through my kitchen window. If I go outside--they're gone. I guess I could put on a red hat, a red t-shirt and just sit outside. Who knows!!
  • PEGGY Added Still smiling :) He was very patient and determined . I got quite a chuckle when he dressed down as a Bigfoot , Neighbors smiling too . Great video Mel . Thank you so much . Have a great weekend :)
  • lynn Added so awesome !
  • Mary Jane Added I wish I had the time and patience to do this, I think it would be wonderful.
  • Barb Added This was wonderful. Kudos to Joe for all his patience and for you for sharing this.!!
  • Kathy Added He is a very persistent young man and it paid off for him. Very cool video.
  • Paul Added Really cool !!
  • oldtom9 Added This is funny and sweet. We have to admire the young man. Who knows? Maybe next season when the hummingbird returns, he might sit with this fellow in front of the TV and watch a game!
  • Annette Added Love to feed and watch the hummers.
  • dixie Added I do not have his level of patience - but wow that was so great!