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Guy Drives 18 Hours To Save Two Baby Cows | The Dodo Adoption Day

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


These baby cows were both rescued, and couldn't stop cuddling the day they met. Now, they're taking a road trip (complete with adorable bottle feeding rest stops!) to meet their new family. The moment they realize they're finally home is EVERYTHING.





Video Script:

It's all right. It's okay. - Who's excited to go home?
You guys don't look too excited. I just rescued these two
calves from farms in Vermont. I'm driving them to a
sanctuary in South Carolina, where they'll be
adopted by a family. It's about an 18-hour road trip. Good boy. Wait your turn. They just want to nurse
from their mothers. - You're all done. I rescued them from
two different farms, but they immediately bonded when I put them in
the car together. Ferdinand wanted
affection immediately, but Bones was a bit more timid. I don't think Bones
ever felt love before. A woman and her
eight-year-old son started a small sanctuary last
year that I think would be a perfect fit
for these calves. - When they get antsy I try to pull over. This is dangerous. I mean, if you want
to lay in poop. Doing all right?
Yeah. They're scared of me. So. One day I heard about what
happens in the dairy farms in my neighborhood. The dairy industry often
doesn't need the baby boys. So in my free time,
I rescue the babies and drive them to homes
around the country where they get to grow old. And this is not
hitting the spot. They are starting to
feel like they are safe. I'm excited to see
these calves grow old. I think our sanctuary
is a perfect home for these calves. I'm a little nervous. This is my first
time with calves. - Is it heavy?
- Yeah. - Hey, Bones is kind of growing on me. I'm staying overnight
with friends who also rescue animals. Tomorrow's the big day. You guys sleep good. - What happens today? Slept for about three hours, and the adrenaline
rush to get them home is what's keeping me going. [dial tone] - Hello? - Hi, Jessi. Are you
ready to get your babies? - Yes. - All right. Well, I
have a delivery for you. Twenty-five minutes away. Evans is very excited
to have calves. Animals feel safe with Evans, and I think it's because
they can sense his heart. He's never met cows before. - They can, like, sense
we're almost there. - Hey. Hi! Y'all are home. Oh my mercy. Oh my goodness. They're definitely not gonna
just want to jump out. Is he giving you kisses? Ooh!
- I wasn't expecting that. - I didn't either. He's okay?
- Yeah, he's okay. He's happy. - Oh my goodness. He's so cute. - Hi, Bones! Don't you wanna
get out so you can run? - It's okay.
- It's all right. He's much more timid. - Aw. Just don't poop on me. - He's gonna. - He's going to?
- Yeah. - Oh! [laughing] - That is a happy boy.
- Oh my gosh. I can tell they love
each other so much. - They bonded right away. - Yeah. He's so cute! - You can tell that
running around, that's not something
they normally get. Acting like just two puppies, and that just completely
melted my heart. - Hi. - What are you doing?
Are you having fun? They're gonna feel safer
and safer as time goes on, and they're gonna realize they're
not going anywhere else. This is forever. - Everybody's interested.
- Uh-huh! For now, we're gonna
keep them separated. But once they're
older, we'll let them play with the other animals. Me and my son started
our sanctuary about a year ago. - Just hold it up at an angle. Since I was a little
girl, I was sick and animals have helped me. So I wanted to rescue them. You can hold it with me. - Have you ever
bottle-fed a cow before? - No. - Mini Farmers is a
perfect home, because they'll be surrounded by,
most importantly, love. This is not sad for me.
This is the happy part. You are one lucky guy. See you later, Bones. All right. I'm off to get some rest until I get the next call about
calves who need help. And then I'll do my best
to find them a home. - I just absolutely loved
them the moment I saw them. Bones, he's still
warming up to people. I think once he's used to
us, he's gonna love us just as much as Ferdinand does. - Come on, guys! - I think the calves are learning
that this is their home. They are definitely
still best friends. They do everything together. - Good morning. Every day after school,
Evans runs down the hill and he gives them
kisses and hugs. He's the best with them. - They are not interested
in it at all, are they? - Hey, Bones, come here! - Is there slobber? Bones is starting
to trust people. - Don't eat my leg. Bones is definitely
more of a talker. - What are you doing?
He moos at us a lot. And he occasionally likes
to get attention from us. Ferdinand is spoiled
rotten, and he knows it. - Okay. He got me
right in the nose. - Totally normal. - It's like having
two big puppies. They get playful, and sometimes
they'll get frustrated. And they get happy and
excited when they see us, and they always want love. - Hi! - Can I walk? And
we're stopping. - They are the most
loving animals I think I've ever met. - I'm gonna run. They're coming. Okay. I love you guys, too. - They melt my heart
every single day. And I'm so happy
that they get to be here with us forever. Right? Say hi! I loves 'em.


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