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Four Rescued Elephants Enjoying The Rain And Mud Pit For The First Time! - ElephantNews #Video

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During the Covid crisis, and for more than 700 days, these four elephants have been chained. They had no freedom and never enough food. They lived under a bridge. They have known each other, but never been friends without a hook present. Each of them used to work in the tourist industry. It became urgent to transport them to a new home. We are full, but we will make room for them. Otherwise, they will be sold to a trekking camp and return to work again. We are almost a 20-hour drive from Kanchanaburi, from where we will transport them to Elephant Nature Park. On arrival, they were clearly not familiar with one another, even though they had lived close together beforehand. With a bit of time and some wise coaching, they warmed to companionship, becoming calm and relaxed. Watch the bonding moments - freedom in the rain and enjoying a mud pit for the first time. They are very happy now ! Learn More:


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