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Fast Workers Who Do Unreal Things

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Watching someone at work can be very mesmerizing. Especially if they are really good at it and do their job exceptionally and very fast. These people are fascinating and greatly admired. No wonder they often become the stars of viral videos... and then end up in our channel. Today we are going to meet the fastest workers in the universe!







Video Script:: 

hello everyone watching someone at work can be very mesmerizing especially if they're really good assess and do their job exceptionally and very fast these people are fascinating and greatly admired no wonder they often become the stars of viral videos and then end up on our Channel today we're gonna meet the fastest workers in the universe let's get it on many celebrities often have to give autographs but usually they only sign what their fans give them you know postcards napkins papers body parts butts the autograph of a professional sumo wrestler is much cooler as he signs with the mighty Palmer this hand is impressive and most importantly it's fast can you imagine how many sheets he can design in one day when we first saw the video we thought the guy was just hitting the bottles with a loss of passion but it wasn't clear why for the cameras maybe but now this guy is opening each of the bottles so quickly that you can't even see the process the main thing is that nobody around him is surprised at all and it's not even clear where the bottle caps Floyds either he knows what's going on behind the scenes if you've ever wondered exactly how the toilet paper rolls that everyone's talking about today are created we have the answers of that question firstly small rolls are made from large rolls which makes sense and secondly it happens very very quickly the process may not be very hygienic but it's only part of the process it's said that labor automation which is now widely used throughout the world is not very popular in India and not because the machines are too expensive or people are afraid of losing their jobs the reason is that many Indian workers can work much faster than any automated machine look who could compete with them aloe vera is a succulent plant species widely used in medicine cosmetology and even in cooking but before extracting the most useful and delicious parts of the hello the unnecessary parts must be cut off normally people use the transparent aloe gel and its natural latex and it must be said that people have learned to extract everything they needs it's an amazing speed by hand as well as you can see today the work of many sign language interpreters is replaced by subtitles but traditional sign language has found an unexpected application many rappers contract specialists who can interpret their performances for the hearing-impaired people these translators even work at major music festivals such as Coachella and it's certainly a hard job that requires not only precision but also speed [Music] not only should they know the lyrics of the songs but also follow the rhythm and be prepared for some unexpected freestyle is a very difficult job but it looks incredible sometimes even the most difficult tasks can be easier if you use your imagination your knowledge of physics and even a little know-how for example lifting huge slabs is easier if you add a small pipe maybe that's how people built Stonehenge in ancient times someone would put a round stone underneath the larger rocks perhaps even by accidents for just look at the result how do you remove a big puddle use a cloth or a giant sponge hire a special machine to suck out all the water wait for the Sun to dry out or maybe it's better to use brooms it sounds crazy but it really works the literary chasing the water away like a possum from a dumpster truth get out of here do we understand what's going on no not really looks like the workers are doing something like a gutter does it meet safety standards probably not how fast can they do it well incredibly fast plus it's really really cool maybe these guys should think about patterns in their work method they can make a loss of money in many Internet videos completely unexpected things happen and this is a great example you know just looking at a fast worker you're looking at a man who whoa how did he do that wait so could we use this method to make the bed well at least to put the pillows in the pillowcases that'd be very helpful first worker video compilations always include at least one cook because these people can work at very high speeds and without making a mess in the kitchen although maybe their failures just don't go viral on YouTube well we can only admire this guy another popular category of fast workers are builders who can do absolutely incredible things with their tools how long does a person need to cover the roof of a house from we all day but this guy can easily do it in just a few minutes then take a break and we don't know maybe save the world later we could expect anything from him some videos could be very relaxing don't you think like a cozy fireplace or verse a first this video on the contrary causes us anxiety because it looks like the glass could break at any second or the base could turn over and everything it end up on the floor calm down don't panic he is a professional and he definitely knows what he's doing right and he does it very quickly very cleverly and very well [Music] many companies have their own employee of the month but if you ever thought about what an employee of the month looks like in a bomb always into a found one and he does amazing things by the way he shakes the bottles at the ends not because of a lack of professionalism this kind of beer requires to be served this way for some people hammering and nail can be a real challenge but not for this guy he seems to be able to handle a hammer even blindfolded just in case don't try this at home it can be dangerous plus he seems to be listening to some inspiring music and his headphones croissants seem like a complicated recipe but they can actually be made very quickly for example you can cut the dough for 500 croissants in less than a minute if you work at the same speed as the person in this video of course unloading or loading a truck with bottle crates is a long heavy and rather tedious job but even this kind of work has something in common with juggling it's not a good idea considering that the bottles can probably break but it looks awesome though careful watching this video can hypnotize you especially if you loop it properly and know these silver sausages are not made of clay as it may seem at first glance they are made of real steel which can be easily bent to create the links of a strong chain matching us surprise the blacksmith's to the parsad be if they were shown how quickly this process can be done counting money is a pretty tedious job too unless of course it's your money that's why mankind has long since invented special devices that count the number of bills in just a few seconds but when you don't have access to those machines these amazing girls can do it on their own just fine by the way pay attention she uses all five fingers to count and she doesn't drop a thing where he couldn't do that painting the floor sounds like a complicated process right but not for this map he was literally born for this job we wouldn't be surprised if painting the floor was his super pet you know someone has x-ray vision others can control metallic objects and this guy is very good at remodeling the main thing is just being careful or not painting yourself into a corner a Garvie is used for several purposes for example super deuce tequila but first you have to get rid of the parts that are not used maybe some people use special devices or even complicated machines to do it for this go does it with a shovel [Music] well it's a special round shovel probably designed so cutter Gulliver but imagine how fast he could peel potatoes you've fully seen your shower sponge become a long useless thing that can only be thrown away but few people know exactly how they're created in the first place the answer is quickly very quickly efficiently and with the help of two special sticks we don't know if this process is always done by hand or maybe nobody is able to make sponges faster than the girl in the video honestly we don't know what surprises us more the speed at which the guy manages to pack the box with duct tape or the uncomfortable position of his body some users complain that their backs begin to hurt from just watching this video but how can you resist when someone's doing their job so professionally a special category of fast workers are fruit ninjas they can cause any fruit personally mangoes for example if you try to do it at least a couple of times in your life you know that mangoes are tough to deal with let alone cutting them into such neat slices in a matter of seconds attention don't try to repeat this one at home or outside or anywhere for that matter unless you have a spare jaw because peeling a watermelon with your teeth isn't for everyone but I'll let the real professionals do it even if they are a little bananas first there's no denying that that was very fast hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brainy ORS welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]


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