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Episode #8 The MoronCast. The Moron Brothers Video

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New Show! The MoronCast #8. Music, tales & other conversation from The Moron Brothers.





Video Script:: 

I'm lardo and I'm burly and we're them all around brothers you're watching The Moron cast episode 8 I welcome you all back to the moron cast we had to we took a couple of weeks off we went down cero buddy in South America we got a friend down there and remind me Florida that's about the south and America's you can go but he gives us a Christmas present every year we just think world all love him it's past year he sent me a basket full of mangos and gobbles and bananas and all kind of fruit and stuff he gave you a big I've been meaning that you bet that big pauper big pretty thing the orange and blue pretty yeah I have the pole part doing how do you like him I like him alone tasted like chicken wait you eat the part that time though he tasted like chicken he did you realize he could speaking three languages he just said something you need shocking me well anyway last time we were down that part of the country we went on a big cruise the bluegrass cruise with Rhonda Vincent third time out and seldom seen and they was a bunch on there but we had a good time shall we ask stupid we was we made a trotline take with us but then we got seen that and that first time I'd ever seen no Sh you know I always thought it bigger than that but we got got in this boat and we hit it around us down through there and man I hadn't seen land well finally I seen a spot of land I asked this guy I said what that over yonder he said that's Cuba I said Cuba he said yes about 50 miles away man you can see a long ways out here got out there few minutes later down there and the Yucatan could not see nothing no work I said falworth there's land at now he said it's about a mile I live can't be he I said well I see Cuba 50 miles away he said no I said words adapt he said straight down he but we seen we went on we got off the boat when it got down there in the panty mall if you go to Panama and go on a jungle excursion i'ma warn you they've got monkeys in them jungles big old and they squall how they call them howler monkeys and they've got a defense if you get close to them monkeys and they don't want you there they'll go to howling and I how can I put this they'll miss on you I mean and if you ain't close enough from the mess right only they'll throw it at you I got a grandmother does there's no I hate quit but well one of them throwed Dettman got me told Burley I'll go get some toilet paper or something he said ain't no need that monkey be a mile away and I get back with it but I think it's about time we need to pick something don't you well we try [Music] [Music] [Music] we uh we just got through there with a little rock getaway what we called it broke down in Arkansas yeah but I want to thank you folks for tuning in and I appreciate y'all watching hope we're doing something make you forget all this garbage that's going on right now the country is in a mess but I got faith in this country we need to put a little bit more faith in what the Bible says what I think but for whatever that's worth if we followed the teachings of Jesus Christ as much as we wanted our political agendas to be true then we wouldn't need police or nothing if we did that but anyway enough of that we talked about that the election coming up it we you sent your app from T baladi and yet I sent mine in I'd hope they don't rig that some way 4th of July coming up talking about rigging in the 4th of July and then what happened last year I was stupid trying to do that would you we had a pony and the pony broke his leg we went to daddy he said we're going to shoot the pony well then he had to deal with a gunshot wound but tell them what you did I told him I said I know where we can make a bunch of money I said we I know where we can buy a Shetland pony for $50 we could sell raffle tickets dollar a piece and at the 4th of July tan picnic we give that pony away and make a lot of money so we bought the poem in and maybe we sold 500 tickets just like that and and on July the 3rd we went down to the learn to feed the pony and the pony was dead and I said what was gonna do now and he said we gonna have the raffle I see when wait we're gonna make a lot of people mad he said just one will give him his money back but you remember last year you remember here well this chairs not just good look last month that County Judge executives on at home you know yeah asked me he said he said are you gonna vote for me for County judge-executive I said well they Matthew this if I ran for office would you vote for me he said I wouldn't vote for you if you were st. Peter I said 5 st. Peter you wouldn't be in my district mm-hmm well how did the mule get after you crazy give me all the mute well you know I had a mule one time and any one day he would limp and the next day wouldn't me talking about that and then I next day he'd limp me they wouldn't live so I had Florida I got this museun only one day limps next day don't next evening like they don't us we we think I ought to do he said the next time he don't limp sell him but anyway I had another move and and he got sick you bad chicken and I told lardo I said look hear my music and I said I remember you had a Mew that was sick what'd you give him - he said well he said I mixed up some kerosene and some lemon juice and some castor oil and I give that to him that's what I'll try when I mixed it all up and I get my moon and it killed my meal I caught him I said that stuff you said you did you mean I gave it to mine he killed him he's the egg killed mine too you know we was talking about that young little excursion and stuff down there well I was watching something on television there the other day and he had these two monkeys it was up in these tree and these monkeys were talking to one another and I don't know how long I'll clean this up a little bit here if I can but it's big line come walking down underneath these trees where these monkeys was and one monkey said to the you dared me to go down there and kick that line in the hind in and yeah I'll dare you then monkey shot down out of that tree and he all I'll need keep that line rep where I cleaned it up right there and he kicked that line the old line hunkered up and the monkey tore out running through the jungles the line was right on him chasing him boy you're gonna get that monkey that monkey gaining ground on that line and collide with kind of sore well he run into this camp were these the hunters had been they had two tents and stuff sitting there but they were all out hunting well nobody there so the monkey just got up in the chair picked up a newspaper covered it over his face like that that lion come walking into that camp looking around he said hey you see a monkey come running through here and that monkey said you mean the one who kicked that line in the hand then the line said it's in the newspaper already that's on television ain't lying this time bad news travels fast but I know my sitting in there of the night look granddaughter come in there and she's got my lamp she said Paul can you make a sound like a frog I don't know why she said we got the Kroger store while going granny told the lady out there soon as you croak rogue on the life don't about frogs we're gonna do the Kentucky River bullfrog for you but remember one time you kid had to take you to the doctor he had that frog on your head took him in there doctor said well how'd you get that frog said I don't know first started out as a little bump [Music] Raoul GameA through you know what you got when you got a harmonica player up the mat and concrete mount of concrete yeah I've been working all day in a hot hot Sun I can hardly wait for night to come [Music] it's a hot you can sleep it hotter and far y'all hear that ol Kentucky River bullfrog holler can took a river boom boom big them in the ground oh I love that Coon don't over tree hit you with your bare hand throw him in the brine ban took your riverboro mighty good [Music] will mean my uncle had a car my life paddle down the river in the pale moonlight we catch a miserable boat take a home to mom we'd probably when the morning comes conduct get river Bulls Road bigger than the ground hole called a lagoon no over tree get you with your bare hand throw him in the brine ban Duggar River moves over mighty good deed what's the next verse yeah me and my little Little John boat got some mini frogs at the boat won't float clean to my all and we took them in and you up see Moffat big grin can you do anything with that can do could rip a bull from bigger than the ground Oh holla like no parking on the tree kitchen with your bare hand though it meant the Browns man took a riverboro Mattie goody [Music] we took about all of how we don't take a curry furfrou come up with a snake and if long that snake down in the floor and hit him in the head my load old can do it you'd be able bullfrog bigger than the ground honk all alike no bargain on the green kitchen when you bury him throw him in the brown land of your riverboro medical D talk about frogs and stuff like it and mind me of a good riddle this big Cajun in a little Cajun is going down the bio and the Pierrot they're gonna catch an alligator well the little Cajun is the big Cajun son but the big Cajun ain't the little Cajuns daddy who is the big Cajun stay tuned and we'll give you the answer if you ain't figured it out by the end of the cast here sound like be some more kinfolk y'all know we like old things and we've got a couple of tractor videos out there a little tractor videos I got a couple of old international Cubs are still mo with got to keep them going because the one a MoU with Siemens modeled at me it's a 1952 model but we've also got a some video we've been filming of my grandpa's hola B 1946 John Deere said we've got some videos of him on it and setting the backer and driving it and it's so dear to my heart as a matter of fact we've had it restored but completely restored and we're going to show y'all that as time goes on but when we first put that tractor on the trailer and it left there me and Burley sit down and send it off with a with an old tune called Billy in the low ground and a lot of you old know that them old Papa Johnnie's they would pop you know because they just had two cylinders and and if you open the pit and relieve of oppression on them maybe even make a spitting sound pop with pow pow and me and Burleigh we tried to play that Billie in the low ground with that thing running in the background I hope CCI close we've got to the rhythm of it that's pretty interesting to listen to [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] y'all remember now I hope you enjoyed that old tractor video but we're gonna give you updates on how it's coming along and then they're gonna completely restore that tractor and we'll keep you updated this thing goes on if you like them old kind of things like we do but you need to tell them a little bit by sum of a product brother yes you're a better salesman than I am if people have been asking how they can get our caps and CDs and shirts and things and some videos and and here's where you do it you go through the boron Brother stores ha the moron brother and and it'll come up uh it'll show y'all that stuff and and the very cheap prices that we have on this stuff and how you can order it and and the warehouse will mail them you gotta look a little bit more pitiful brother I put put that pitiful look on them please [Laughter] yeah all right well it's uh forgetting that one post a the riddle was you got a big Cajun and a little Cajun in the pirogue going down the bio to catch a alligator the little Cajun is the big Cajun son but the big Cajun ain't the little Cajuns and daddy who is the big Cajun do you know the answer yeah but I'm not telling all right what do you tell me whisper all right then you need the big Cajun is is mama any daddy it's his mama little Cajun big gauges son big Cajun is the little Cajuns mama no daddy I know does right why got on harden for me you know she was right you read all that well right I know but what wouldn't you said about the predictions it's hard he said it's hard to predict things especially the future hmm I think we need to say a prayer well thank me and let's close this thing in right then go ahead dear Lord we thank again for another day the blessings you've given us pray Lord that you hit our nation random bad times and we pray that you help save our nation Lord and heal our problems and take this virus away from the whole world and have mercy on us all and we thank you for all you many blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we pray amen [Music]


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