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Defying the Odds: Incredible 0.01% Chance Events Captured on Film #Video

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Defying the Odds features a breathtaking compilation of 0.01% chance events, capturing moments of extraordinary luck and unbelievable occurrences. Witness unbelievable feats and near-impossible escapes that defy logic. These real-life, rare instances, caught on camera, show that sometimes, the most improbable events can actually happen.


  • CharMaine Added Some of these were let's just call them stunning . . . Whew. Angels doing their busy work for a lot of these folks.
  • Rocky Venti Added Mel - We are pushing 83 now and boy did they create some great machines in our childhood. We saw all these cars when they were NEW!. Keep up the great work...
  • Deborah Added WOW - just WOW...
  • Mary Jane Added Wow, these people were incredibly lucky.
  • Binnie Added WOW!
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added WILD
  • Lola Added WOW!! Crazy stuff!! Scary.
  • Paul Added Crrrrazy !!
  • Darlene Added This was some amazing video's, BUT I think the pool shot was unbelievable...awesome.....
  • Randy Ferguson Added Fantastic video! I was afraid to blink for fear of missing something exciting.
  • Su Added I wonder if people who survive such things really do think about where their lives are headed. Thanks, Mel.