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Coyote FINALLY Meets a Coyote!

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and Mario are back at in Colorado at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center! So many of you have been asking for so long... so yes, this is finally the moment that you get to watch Coyote meet his namesake!





Video Script:: 

i gosh you're right there what a good coyote this is amazing why since launching the brave wilderness Channel there have been a slew of comments suggesting that we make a video of me coyote Peterson meeting a real-life coyote as in the animal sounds like a no-brainer it would be seemingly easy to produce but truth be told getting up close with a coyote is much more difficult than one might think approaching coyotes in the wild is virtually impossible as these skittish canids will often flee at the first smell sound or sight of humans so it wasn't until we teamed up with a colorado wolf and Wildlife Center that this fateful meeting finally appeared as if it was going to happen renowned for their conservation efforts specifically centered around wolves this location is also home to an adorable pair of red foxes I had some pretty good luck frolicking around with threatened scarlet we had some cheese we played on the Fox slide Rhett stood on my head and even stole my glove which wasn't exactly easy to get back I only have one glove and the odds of me being able to get that glove back are not real good oh oh you see what's happening oh my oh boy that has taken my glove up and through the Fox Skyway what we learned was that the Foxes trusted me and the cameras and their enclosure but I know gaining the trust of a coyote will be much more difficult so to help him making a friendly introduction I'll be working alongside the wolf centre's founder and CEO Darlene for the past 20 years she has dedicated her life to rescuing wolves and their cousins all while educating the public about the importance of having these predators present in their natural environment morning Darlene hey good morning how are you I'm doing great I'm excited I am too this is going to be the first time that we actually the opportunity for me to get face to face with the coyote now just so you understand it's been five years since we launched the brave wilderness Channel and the audience is always saying coyote when are you going to get face to face with the coyote but we've not had that opportunity until now here at the Colorado wolf & Wildlife Center now as I understand that the Coyotes are very skittish they're cracked they are yes okay now in getting the coyote to come close what's gonna be my best approach what's gonna be detected so we're actually gonna go in there and you want to sort of be natural and and just sort of maybe talk to him a little bit his name is Wiley and they'd like for you to be more on their level so standing up is sort of a little bit intimidating to them and then I've got some power treats as I call them to see if we can say hey this is an offering we're just want to say hi to you all right you lead the way oh wait oh man let's go let's go for over a century coyotes have suffered an unbelievably bad rap portrayed as vicious killers that pose a threat to mankind yet this conviction couldn't be further from the truth my goal is to demonstrate how timid these animals are even one that has been practically hand raised by humans according to Darlene I am one of the only outsiders that has ever tried to interact with this coyote and physical contact by anyone other than Darlene has never been achieved so it is completely possible that this animal will want nothing to do with me so Darlene what we were thinking is maybe set up in this back snow area here back over back back over here and I'm gonna try to figure a good spot to place the cameras okay and we will see if the coyote will come down and hang out what I'm gonna do is set up this camera he's in here oh he's in here he's in his well he's in his little finger oh hey there he is that's his castle it's like Game of Thrones in there yes hey buddy I'm gonna take off my sunglasses so that's his little coyote castle and what I'm gonna do is set up the cameras over here is gonna take some time I'm gonna have to be very patient but with any luck he'll warm up to us and come out and we'll have this moment Mario and the crew setting up their cameras on an overlooking observation porch their presence in the enclosure will definitely be too intimidating for the coyote keeping the technology footprints small is important so I have a pair of GoPros that shouldn't seem too threatening I'll set those up next to me with the hope that they will catch any up-close moments with the coyote if I am simply able to get this animal to investigate my presence I will consider the encounter an incredible success today this coyotes big day is going to meet a real coyote myself and that were up here got this vantage point coyote the animals are very skittish they're intelligent animals and they've survived for so long because of the fact that they are so skittish and they can actually hide from predators and from humans actually are very good at living on the peripheral of urban environments or actually even in urban environments but they're seldom seen they're just super secretive and in loose so right now Darlene is trying to coax Wylie out of his little castle you guys have to remember the Coyotes they are very smart animals so anytime there's something different in a coyotes environment it's going to be very very skittish so it's gonna take some time it's gonna take some patience but with any luck I'm going to go face to face with one of my adorable cousins there he is good boy hi hi okay Wylie is officially out of his castle at this point just a few feet from me hi good morning he's getting comfortable good boy he comes right here I'm gonna actually put a bag of treats into my pocket okay and see if Wiley will get a little more comfortable with us to this little tiny meat treats thank you just little pieces of Bologna right there a perfect treat for a coyote now he's coming right up to me look at that there you go my gosh you're right there had some clothes really good what a good coyote hi boy just gonna lay down like this why are we oh that all took it right out of my that's really good that's really good he doesn't do that for people that he has never met before okay I'm feeling pretty good about this you need that's that's your relative right there okay why are we this is amazing only a few minutes in an already coyote has eaten out of my hand okay what a good boy this is amazing amazing I thought it was gonna take so much longer for him to get comfortable he must know that I'm one of his friendly cousins look at the hesitation that timid pause in the seconds that seemed to last forever as this creature slowly lends me its trust does this behavior scream bloodthirsty killer to you I didn't think so next to wolves there isn't a predator on our planet that has been more aggressively driven toward annihilation than the coyote it hurts my heart that humans choose to destroy before they care to understand and whether you believe it or not our planet needs coyotes and the predator versus prey balance they bring to the ecosystem this is amazing my first contact with a coyote I'm so thrilled right now so we came to Colorado in the winter because we wanted to experience the wolves and coyotes and their best coat so in the winter they had their big fluffy coats and in order to prepare for this howdy actually started to grow out his beard I catch it as well as I right now coyote he's got his big beard and his big actual coat on that has kind of some fake fur that kind of looks like coyote so I think he's trying to not only think like a coyote but he's trying to actually look like one Taylor awesome that is me I used to face about as close as you're gonna get with a coyote such a beautiful beautiful creature that was awesome okay well Wylie has moved up and into the other enclosure I don't think it could have gone any better than that how do I do oh my gosh that was amazing simply amazing you did fantastic within the first five minutes getting Wylie to come up and actually take a piece of cheese out of my hands with beyond my expectations we spent about 20 minutes filming the scene we thought it may take hours but I think Wylie realized hey I'm a coyote you're a coyote we should be buddies you've got little meat and cheese treats let's say you know that's it I didn't even think that would happen so you must have some Kyle blood in you well my namesake has come true I'm officially one with the Coyotes Darlie and I cannot thank you enough for getting me up close with one of these animals the audience has been waiting to see this for quite some time and I think at this point we're ready to move on to wolves let's move on to wolves I'm coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we'll see on the next adventure coyotes continue to be cast as villains and the overly hyped horror stories that surround them drive a fear into society that in turn creates an unwarranted hatred for the species human interactions do occasionally occur however these canids are not something we should fear but instead should have a well educated awareness of coyotes do not consider humans to be prey but it is fair to say that domestic animals like cats and smaller dogs do occasionally make enticing targets if you have an outdoor pet be cognizant of coyotes in your area don't leave them outside and unattended especially during the hours when these predators are most active coyotes have found and always will find a way to survive as humans our mission should be finding a way to survive alongside these predators not without them [Music] what's better than getting into an enclosure with a coyote getting into an enclosure with two foxes for Kunis overload go back and see if I'm able to outfox a fox hey that was my glove he just stole hurry up coyote pack before we chase after that finicky Fox make sure to subscribe and ring the dinner I mean notification bell so you can join me in the brave crew on our next wild adventure [Music]


  • LindyLove Added My Dad years ago, while he worked at a Eagle Mountain Mine in CA, tried to feed a wild Coyote some baloney and the animal bit his hand. He had to have rabies shots. I think on this episode they should have addressed the issue.