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Couples Married 30+ Years Give Us Love Advice

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There are over 6,500 languages in the world. But the one language we all share is sometimes the most complicated to understand—love. We traveled around the world to meet couples whose love has stood the test of time. Each of our couples have been together for at least 30 years (some as many as 61!) and they’ve picked up plenty of wisdom about life and love and marriage along the way. From Ghana to Brazil, from St. John, Indiana, to the Philippines, this is what love looks like around the world.




Video Script:: 

I know that he would do anything in this world to make me happy but sometimes I look at him and say there are more than 6,500 languages spoken on this planet but in that diversity we have found there is one language that we can all understand it's love so we've talked to nine couples from around the globe who after decades together can tell us a thing or two about what it actually is I've ever said never surround anybody bla and never me we've been married for 56 years 52 years to centimes you say Smith's 30 years well we got together in 1986 that makes it almost 34 years sente oh no no make a toe egg nog ikuyo we'll be together for 45 years now we are very proud of it yeah yeah it's really proud of all love stories have a beginning so that's where we'll start I thought he was cute she was he was wearing a purple shirt with suspenders on his tan pants very fashionable yet Michael that means my smile let me approach Jacopo Yosa young who you want very good Michael I was with my friend Angie Joaquim and that changed my life would be $30 and a violin and Turkey - if they buy her a latte they are doing - that was like that sensory motor easily process II understand changing taxi yes attached to the novice Emily digitorum epilepsy motor district Kyoji is tocqueville at I was trying to actually match her up with a friend of mine and he said can I have your phone number and I said no I have a boyfriend Doku afternoon Australia a colossal ruler available do prefer button roll and yaw poem to me effectively zahramay somehow she got me to give her ride home and for the first time in my life I took the initiative and called her well thanks for calling seeing someone is different from really knowing them love is more than just a meet-cute when I met Jamie I had gone to the hospital for three months I had a dislocated hip and then he one day comes and she says when you come out of the hospital we'll get married and I said Jim what if I won't be able to walk what are you gonna do with me and he and she said I'm not worried about that she said I will carry you and how would you say no to a proposal like that you cannot be selfish when it comes to loving someone what do you love about me I love when you sing to me when you hold me in your arms and you dance with me I love the way you look in red I'll tell you that much thank you and I love your brightness and your intelligence and your weight she is my best someone the target tone roasted babe we support a new birthday tomorrow Maggie Geronimo proven cuckoo hello that you have a sense of humor that is a bit dry but is there and you often only reveal that to me I love the fact that he watches a sad movie he cries upon gegen animal say mom he Tora optimal antinea I stopped being around you I love everything about you you bring me joy of course after a few decades it's not all roses [Music] yeah my destiny to be slower then really optical have anyone what was it give me complete the book I did you dizzy well that put us on a bus here are shaky for what I don't do you follow myself prefer work yeah I do what try my bus I'd like a vacuum more when he comes in and he hangs his coats in the dining room table I should get upset for the codes there but nobody else is there he doesn't like to put things away yeah well my mom is a mocha angle know everybody singing tea no snow Aramis civilians no their most disposes are over there sir through all this what we've learned is love isn't about grand sweeping gestures it can be but it's also about the small things that you do to show the other person that you care [Music] love is less a feeling I think then something you have to do with that feeling you have to act on it I still love Valentine's Day I try and make it special every year there's only so many times you can cut out little hearts out of white paper but I do it every year [Music] we dance we're up at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning dancing with each other you know I always support whatever she does I cook for him the nicest meal what he likes now get the coffee bourbon on the day I knew you really wanted the bird so I decided we're gonna get her name below corn a good mechanic oh okay what a magma a faux pas mo Alima okay I saw an unbirthday on a limb on Makoni mo one night [Music] we got all dressed up to bring her home from the hospital that was the first one [Music] when I look back so many things have happened all of those life experiences we've traveled those things together say que realmente tenemos mucho surprises Nessun Aceveda my services are dogs [Music] additionally another deforms mysticisms in Vig can feel unit conclude Ananas no somos como alga come with Ozma no sabemos como Vivian say order return Gina llamada constant nivedita Papa canto Lamia is surrendered opinion navadvip punto Jimmy G for me and you Luca did your venom a canonical player by DT me you don't have to be really adventurous to enjoy each other just being together is what counts I'm very very very like thankful and grateful for everything when you grow older it's not longer as a VW that's why you know in a relationship there must be mutual trust because when you are still very in love you know you are blinded by love but after a while you get to see this person for who he is or who she is you know it helps to be in love with your best friend you understand so much about the other person you know what's not going to change and you deal with that you know what you love and you know what's great and what will remain great and then the things that maybe not so great you just understand how to deal with them better [Music] about maturity the Marcel buckets name my child sera teachers don't know for sure I'm not sure Shannon $30 sure what about understanding understanding water modulus of Morocco for Vienna and I'm interested una pequeña boy he would have to know all about the who no she sat on La Palma katka home you really have a friend for life which not everyone does you know that somebody cares and you care you become as one there's nothing I wouldn't do for either and I believe there's nothing she wouldn't do for me we've been able to build together a wonderful family and I love you and I will love you for always and I won't tell her I love you too I know honey I love you too I know okay I love you too [Laughter] [Music]


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