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Can You Name These Old Things? #Video

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Try this fun quiz to see how many of these things from the past you remember. What happened to the good old days? From toys to old school modern technology. If you are over 50 you should be able to get most of these correct.


  • Mjc Added Missed three.
  • BA Added I got 21 correct
  • Paul Moshay Added I must be older than dirt, I remember them all!
  • CharMaine Added Stereoscope Viewer -- according to Wikipedia: From the 1850's - 1930's, (no wonder I didn't recognize it). It's the modern era kids' Viewmaster. That, I had. And I thought I had a brand-new toy . . . mystery solved.
  • CharMaine Added That was fun :-) I missed several. I called the Gramaphone a Victrola (as in RCA); couldn't remember the name of the Enigma machine but I recognized it; I don't think I ever saw a Ration Book; and I have no idea what a stereoscope viewer is or how it works. What was its purpose? I had fun.

    Ron, you're right. Wringer. They were mounted on the round washer barrel, which had an agitator, and you would run the clothes through it to squeeze the water out so you could hang them on the wash line outside. A lot of people got their fingers smashed in them rollers. I saw them (now I wonder if they owed their bookie). Then you had to roll is to the drain in the basement and put the short hose in the drain to empty the water. OMGosh. Better than the washboard, I guess. LOL.

    We had a "mangler" as well, it was really heavy & made of metal and my mom had me petrified to go near it when she was using it. As an adult, I know why but you're right, it pressed things like the drapes, sheets, tablecloths, even slacks. It was a beast.

    Childhood memories. Thanks Mel!
  • Ron Added The 2nd picture is an old style cloths wringer. A mangle is used typically in large laundries such as in hotels to steam press sheets, pillow cases, etc.
  • Herman Added I missed all of them… just kidding
  • Lee Added Some of them were dark and I couldn't make them out. it was fun i knew most of them
  • Martin Added OMG!! I got almost ALL of these!! I didn't get the gramophone, that was way before my time and I only knew about the ration card from studying it in history. But, the one that made me go OUCH was the klackers! We played with those things when I was in school and was addictive!! We'd go home from school with our wrists SO sore because they would hit your wrists while "klacking". Fun stuff!
  • Patrick Added That was cool. I got 29. Not bad. I still have a pencil sharpener attached to out wall in the kitchen.
  • PEGGY Added That was fun . I missed 4 and "Boy oh Boy " do I remeber hitting myself many times with them Clackers ..hurt every time but a whole lot of fun . Thanks Mel . Great video . Happy Thanksgiving to you and Family
  • Mary Jane Added I knew most of them and even still have a few, like the pencil sharpener.
  • Dee Added Guess I am not as old as I thought I was, hahahahaha!
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added That was fun
  • iotus2 Added I missed a couple, but they sure did bring back some fun memories. The enigma machine - I only saw that in the movies.
  • Willa Budge Added Totally fun..I missed three......what a great flash back...THANKS !!!
  • Jack K. Added Missed four -- two that were before my time (whew!) and two I should have known.
  • mercedes Added Fun quiz---I missed a bunch of them, though!
  • Larry Added It's offical, I'm older than dirt.
  • BB Added Missed just one. None of that stuff was pre-me, except the one I missed. Now I feel old as dirt!