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Best News Bloopers April 2020

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A collection of the best news bloopers of April 2020.





Video Script:: 

he kills viruses in just what what did you do mom dad holy crap that Weaver shot is just always no Cole do it from the daily government briefings meanwhile they're hoping that people still shut up just show up despite all of this right now Joe true to his word damn off read it rut read the mean tweets and hey let's take a live look we're at Springfield City Council that's Tessa ventolin she joins us after the break with a look at what's on Jared Aaron's 10:00 news UC San Diego developed a ventilator they say can be made cheaply and quickly ventilator may not look high thanks for watching everyone alright and everyone get ready for the tram is on its way thank you checking back in with Mike my dear that Hey Arnold episode words like stupid kids afraid to leave a studio man I'm not going outbound to afraid to I mean out there we got some situations going on so if you're not at work today or you're working from home you may be wondering what day is it todd has the answer for us it's Monday nothing all right I've never heard him I've never heard of Jack mice games you've never heard of Jack vaudeville but this is why this segment exists at school so we can share all this new information with everybody else exactly we did oh by the way try to get to Paul in just a little bit and we'll be right back after this oh okay oh my god what is that touch your face in such a place three-two-one don't touch your piggy oh my god well I that's pretty good I was gonna ask you how cold is supposed to get tonight I left my window cracked in the kitchen today hey we want to remind everybody at his hashtag unite for one nine day so they're asking you to not only think about philanthropy and donating time and money to the United Way and then also checking on your friends and neighbors and relatives but hashtag unite for 1-9 take some pictures [Laughter] we'll try it again ready they was alive we picked you for one night I don't know how we can there we go either you scoot over that way we can maybe get these but we failed either way thanks Connor mommy's trying to do a little bit of work can you let me finish my work hey let me open them go upstairs so I can finish my work okay hey I got a record something real quick okay nope he's on the phone just give me five okay I just I know I made five he is on a call okay you cannot you cannot talk to daddy right now give me a second guys okay go upstairs three two pulling water right guys go upstairs I'm really critical Connor give mommy a minute please I'll be upstairs one minute three what would you say in those circumstances I think your quarter all right this is like I'm not academic come on TV go okay okay it is a still weekend we all understand this is going to be but I'm gonna go viral I wonder Jonathan after earth shall we save your blushes and come back to you very shortly why don't you go and deal with the very pressing issue that your daughters have got and what talk to you very much and that might be a better idea right well it's a lovely evening to be out in the backyard with your loved ones I've got my son here Gabriel right now Gabriel can say hi hi look you are Gabriel are you having courage from playing with some construction are you having fun cuz it's nice outside yeah what did you do today okay so he's not really necessarily talking about the weather but it has been a great day to be outside with your family because no one shiny thing he doesn't like the rain so that's a good news and I don't really like those rain either so let's take a look at current conditions in the city we are sitting at about 10 degrees right now Hey Brampton is 10 as well in the world yes sure and Oh Philip and agrees and there are those squirrels out here in our backyard as well making Gabriel very excited three two one full three-two-one for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is being home with your cats 3 2 1 crap 3 2 1 for a lot of people the best for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is staying home with your pets all day for a lot of people the best part of quarantine is staying home with your pets all day for a lot of people staying home with your pets all day and quarantine is the best part about it are you taking the stairs mags get out of my shop I'm doing I'm doing work sit with your brother sit who says the quartet will work well with the returning Trojans who have already bought into the program coach cross says he's excited what do you think about coach crosses signing class coach cross says he's hoping to add one more player who's ready to take the stairs Haley Sutton WSFA 12 Sports one theaters reopened they expect to release movies directly to theaters and on demand AMC called the idea quote categorically unacceptable unacceptable Universal successfully released rolls World War two excuse me Road words excuse me come true okay so because they did so well AMC called the release an exception to the rule though it says take away movies are released on demand they don't wanted to keep going because it was [Applause] one person who was singled out today by governor Murphy this young man that you're looking at right there 26 year old Jack Allard we profiled him last month Michels Charles worth of a powerful story they the former Ridgewood High School lacrosse star and two-time all-american was in a medically induced coma after coming down with a virus after spending time on a ventilator and five full weeks in the hospital the governor today announcing that jack has died it was a long month but slowly jack rebounded and last Thursday he was clapped out by the doctors and nurses who saved his life as he walked out of the hospital for jacket for the hundreds more who have left our hospitals we are hopeful and optimistic I feel horrible jack is very much alive Jack we love you and the story Michelle did brought so many people closer to you and your story closer to all of us again jack is alive and back home he has come home not in the figurative sense but in the quite literal sense and my deepest apologies for that I was just misread everything and I apologize but he is a lie that we are grateful for that yeah it's so good to hear all of those success stories and I'm sure that smiley had in that picture is even brighter right now maple can you stop just for a second three two one more cold air three two one cold air continues across the area tonight potential for some Frost and freeze for some of us warm up it's going to take hey hey come here come here come here sit three two one frost and freeze for some of us again tonight the cold air is lingering through much of the week we'll show you on the best chance of precipitation is with Futurecast maple three-two-one maple excuse me hello come here come here come here do you want to be in this tease is that what you want come here just lean up here I can do this three two one another night where we may have frost or a freeze for some of us and the cool weather it's sticking around for much of the week we'll show you when the warm-up finally gets here that's the focus stay safe I'll see you soon [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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