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Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0- The Summer Games #Video


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Mark Rober gave up on trying to battle his squirrels... but what if they battled each other? Don't miss this one! It's a hoot!!




  • alR Added Remarkable/took a lot of patience,not to mention the technical and carpenter skills.
  • gazza Added brilliant
  • Janet Added I've watched the squirrel other events. I always enjoyed.
  • CharMaine Added Mark is an incredibly smart man . . . I can't imagine the time it took him to think this through and do the buildout. I thought it was so funny as well. Mark mentions this is the final installment (likely bc his wife said: "can I have the backyard for a while, honey'). Fantastic video. Thank you, Mark & crew, for the entertainment. Thank you, Team Squirrels, for participating. Thank you Mel, for posting it.
  • mimi Added i luv watching these squirrel videos. the obstacle course is so well planned. the plot and narration are excellent. thank you Mark Rober
  • Charlie Added This was great! Thanks!!!
  • Frances Added LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. IT .
  • Dar Added LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these hilarious squirrel videos. The time & ingenuity put into them is amazing in itself. Thank you.
  • Sher Added I've watched these for a couple of years and each one is better than the last! Thanks to Mel!!
  • [email protected] Added These men are a riot. How they can keep the squirrels interested in pursing these feats is a feat in itself.
  • Marty Added I just LOVE the squirrel videos!! I can only imagine how much time Mark puts in these videos to give us some entertainment!! My wife, RIP, rehabbed a baby squirrel a few years back and it was very rewarding. They are very cute and VERY smart. AND fun to watch!!
  • Lola Added lololol Squirrel's are so funny!! Animal's aren't "just" Animal's!!! They are so much smarter than people give them credit for!!!!! Loved the Video!!
  • Lillian Added Loved this video! I'll show it to my sister who videos her squirrels in her side yard all the time. The only thing missing is that she doesn't have an obstacle course set up like this. LOL !
  • Andrea Added Mark is soooo clever! But I guess he had some pretty clever subjects to star in his film. Great fun and a nice way to start the day! Thank you.
  • Adele Added Loved it. Very entertaining
  • Ella Added Loved this one.
  • Beth Added Very cute!