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Winter Sleigh Ride with Horses

Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

Winter Sleigh Ride with Horses

As the snow falls gently to the ground,
And the winter air is crisp and cold,
We climb aboard a sleigh,
And let the horses take us on a ride.

The sleigh glides smoothly through the snow,
As the horses pull us along,
Their hooves making soft crunching sounds,
As they sing their winter song.

The world around us is a winter wonderland,
A blanket of white, as far as the eye can see,
And the only sound is the sleigh bells,
Jingling merrily in the breeze.

We snuggle up under blankets,
And let the winter magic wash over us,
As the sleigh glides along,
And the horses lead us through the snow.

It's a moment of peace and tranquility,
A chance to escape the hustle and bustle,
And just enjoy the beauty of winter,
On a magical sleigh ride with horses.

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