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Guinea Pigs Ride Train Under Christmas Tree

Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

Guinea Pigs Ride Train Under Christmas Tree

Guinea pigs ride train under Christmas tree,
Whizzing round and round with glee.
Their little paws and noses twitch,
As they journey through the snow and frosty mist.

The Christmas tree stands tall and bright,
With its twinkling lights and ornaments in sight.
The guinea pigs ride through the branches and needles,
Their little hearts full of joy and giggles.

They wave to Santa as they pass by,
Wishing him a happy holiday high in the sky.
The train chugs along through the night,
Bringing cheer and delight.

So let the guinea pigs ride and play,
Underneath the tree on Christmas day.
For their joy and cheer will bring us glee,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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