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  • Santa Claus Riding His Motorcycle

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Santa Claus Riding His Motorcycle

    Santa Claus riding his motorcycle,
    Speeding through the night,
    Delivering gifts with great delight,
    To every boy and girl in sight.

    His leather jacket shining bright,
    As he rides through the snow,
    On his trusty red and white,
    Merry motorcycle, ho ho ho!

    He waves to all the children,
    As he whizzes by,
    Spreadin' joy and cheer,
    From the North Pole to the sky.

    So if you see Santa on his ride,
    Wave and cheer and shout,
    He's bringing happiness far and wide,
    On his motorcycle, no doubt.

    So let's give a cheer,
    For old Saint Nick,
    Riding through the year,
    On his motorcycle quick.

  • Santa Claus And Reindeer At North Pole

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Santa Claus And Reindeer At North Pole

    Santa Claus and his reindeer at the North Pole,
    Working hard to make Christmas whole.
    The elves are busy with toy making and cheer,
    While Santa and his crew are flying through the air.

    The air is cold and crisp, the stars shining bright,
    As Santa and his team take off on their flight.
    With Rudolph leading the way, they soar through the sky,
    Delivering presents to every boy and girl, oh my!

    The reindeer's hooves clatter on the icy ground,
    As they land at each house, never making a sound.
    They leave gifts under the tree, then take off with a start,
    Heading to the next stop, beating the dawn's early light.

    Thank you, dear Santa, for all that you do,
    Bringing joy to children and adults too.
    We'll leave cookies and milk, and a warm fire's glow,
    For you and your reindeer on Christmas Eve, oh ho ho!

  • Santa Claus Figurine In Snow

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Santa Claus Figurine In Snow

    A Santa Claus figurine in snow
    Stands tall and proud, all aglow
    He's made of plastic, red and white
    A charming sight on this cold winter's night

    His cheeks are rosy, his hat is tall
    He's the embodiment of holiday cheer, after all
    His jolly face brings a smile to my face
    As I look out at the snowy winter space

    The figurine stands among the flakes
    A reminder of the love and joy that it makes
    For all the children, young and old
    Santa brings stories to be told

    So let the figurine stand tall in the snow
    A symbol of love, a sight to behold
    For all the joy and cheer it brings
    Merry Christmas to all, and everything it brings

  • Christmas Elf Sorting Presents

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Christmas Elf Sorting Presents

    In the workshop on Christmas Eve,
    The elves are all a-bustle and hustle, you see.
    They're sorting presents with glee,
    For the good girls and boys, from A to Z.

    There are dolls and trucks and games galore,
    And stuffed animals of every breed.
    There are books and clothes and much more,
    All wrapped up with ribbons and bows so neat.

    The elves are working with speed and grace,
    To get everything ready for Santa's big race.
    They'll load up the sleigh and take their place,
    Beside jolly old Saint Nick, on his journey through space.

    So let's give a cheer for the Christmas elves,
    Who work hard to bring joy to everyone else.
    They are the ones who make our holiday swell,
    And make all our Christmas wishes come true, we can tell.

  • Christmas Stockings Hung

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Christmas Stockings Hung

    Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace
    Filled with treats and goodies galore
    Santa's reindeer prance and play
    As the night wears on and the fire roars

    Candles flicker, lights twinkle bright
    As families gather round the tree
    Carols fill the air with delight
    As we wait for Santa, so merrily

    Gifts are wrapped and placed with care
    Under the tree, shining bright
    Children's eyes light up with glee
    As they wake on Christmas morning, delight

    The stockings are emptied, one by one
    As the joy of giving fills the air
    The love and cheer of Christmas has come
    As we gather round the fireplace, all so fair

  • Santa's Christmas Bag Full Of Toys

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Santa's Christmas Bag Full Of Toys

    Santa's Christmas bag full of toys
    Is a sight for all girls and boys
    It's filled with dolls and trucks and trains
    And all kinds of fun little games

    There are teddy bears and blocks and balls
    And all sorts of things big and small
    Legos and puzzles, stuffed animals too
    All waiting for someone to play with them, new

    Santa's bag is full of joy and cheer
    For all the good boys and girls this year
    So when you see it under the tree
    Don't forget to say a thank you to dear old Santa, you'll see!

  • White Puppy Dog Christmas

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    White Puppy Dog Christmas

    A white puppy dog for Christmas,
    A fluffy ball of joy and cheer,
    A wagging tail and happy bark,
    He brings laughter and love all year.

    With bright blue eyes and soft white fur,
    He's a gift from above, it's true,
    He'll keep you company through the night,
    And wake you up with kisses new.

    His playful nature is contagious,
    You can't help but smile and laugh,
    He'll chase a ball and fetch a toy,
    Your heart will be filled with half.

    So if you're looking for a Christmas gift,
    Something special and unique,
    A white puppy dog is perfect,
    He'll bring joy to your week.

  • Winter Socks

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Winter Socks

    Winter socks so warm,
    Like little balls of fluff,
    I slip them on each morning,
    When the air is cold and rough.

    They hug my feet so snugly,
    Like a warm and cozy quilt,
    I don't feel the chill of winter,
    In these socks so soft and built.

    I wear them all day long,
    Through the snow and ice and slush,
    I'm so glad I have these socks,
    That keep my feet from getting crushed.

    So here's to winter socks,
    So warm and soft and fine,
    They make me feel so cozy,
    When the cold winds blow and whine.

  • Christmas Stocking

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Christmas Stocking

    Santa filling a Christmas stocking
    With presents, oh what fun!
    He's got toys and sweets and treats
    For everyone.

    He stuffs the stocking with care
    Making sure it's just right
    Filled with love and joy and cheer
    On this special night.

    He adds a teddy bear and a puzzle too
    A new game and a book to read
    He knows just what each person will love
    And he fills the stocking with speed.

    He works with a smile on his face
    Happily filling stockings galore
    He knows that on Christmas morning
    There will be joy galore.

    So let's all give a cheer
    For Santa and his stocking-filling ways
    Merry Christmas to all
    And a happy holiday!

  • Merry Christmas

    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
    Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, a time for cheer
    A time for love, and a time for cheer

    Families gather round, with joy and laughter
    To celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior

    The tree is trimmed, with lights aglow
    And carolers sing, as they come and go

    Presents are wrapped, under the tree
    Cookies are baked, and hot cocoa is free

    The spirit of Christmas, fills the air
    As we all gather, to show we care

    Merry Christmas to all, near and far
    May your holiday season, be a shining star