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Icelandic Horses

Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic horses so wild and free
Running through fields of green and glee
With their thick manes blowing in the breeze
And their hooves pounding the ground with ease

They are strong and sturdy, a sight to see
With their sleek and muscular bodies
A symbol of the rugged Icelandic land
Where they roam and run, free to stand

They are gentle and kind, with a spirit fierce
A true friend and companion, never to be feared
With their kind and curious eyes
They are a wonder, a delight to spy

So here's to the Icelandic horse
A beautiful creature, of course
May they roam and run forevermore
In the wilds of Iceland, forevermore.

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