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Acrobatic Bear Goes For Bird Feeder #Video

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"I woke up early Sunday morning to enjoy the view when I looked up on the hillside and saw a brown fuzzy animal making some commotion. I chuckled to myself, thinking "That is a really fat deer!" – when all of a sudden it stood up, and it was a bear! I ran inside to wake up my husband and kids so they could see it. When we came back out to the porch (leaving the cabin door open in case we need to make a quick escape), the bear started to crawl down the hill towards the cabin with two cute little cubs following right behind her. When it got to the tree, which was about 30 feet from where we were watching on the porch, it tried to reach the bird feeder, but to no avail. She decided to climb it with the cubs following suit. After making several acrobatic moves to get to the bird feeder, she finally climbed out on the branch upside down, bending it toward the ground. The branch broke, and she and her cubs were able to get the bird seed."


  • Susan Added You just can't keep a good bear (Mom) down.
  • Mike Added The best!
  • Deborah Added Smart Bear -
  • Lola Added You have to give her credit!! She got it and then in comes the Cubs to help her eat!!!!!
  • Helen Added That bear was was an acrobat
  • Randy Ferguson Added I wouldn't try to stop her either.
  • Mark S Added mama bear could show a squirrel a few tricks! where was this filmed?
  • PEGGY Added I knew that was going to happen . Limb breaking . And she has baby cubs cute . I hope they enjoyed :) . Thanks Mel great video . Happy Thanksgiving to you and family
  • mercedes Added Cute video!
  • Sharyn M. Added That was a smart bear and figured out how to feed her little ones.
  • M Leybra Added This is reason I don't use 'feeders' but scatter seeds on the ground so everybody gets, birds bear, squirrels, chipmunks, etc., if sharing ur generosity w/ wildlife, it's not nice to pick & choose, if soup kitchens did this, they'd be called racist.
  • vlk Added This is the reason bird feeders should be on a tall, sliperry pole!
  • Mary Jane Added Smarter than an average bear! Yogi Bear has competition.
  • giff Added Your videos are always great .. thanks Mel
  • lynn Added nicely done
  • Paul Added My video blanked out !!
  • Martin Added Don't use the term "dumb animal" when it comes to a Mama trying to feed her babies!! This was so cool!!
  • Patricia Yager Delagrange Added All this for some bird seed? Wow - they must be hungry.
  • Su B Added Never underestimate a hungry mother with two mouths to feed.
    Some animals don't need opposable thumbs! Thanks, Mel.
  • Vivienne Added I love this. Bears are so adventurous and determined!