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A Sheep Disappeared for 5 Years. This Finding Caused a Big Stir and Set a New Record

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Most of the record holders get a mention in the Guinness Book of Records after long exhausting training and many years of preparation. And no matter what the record is: an achievement in sport, the longest hair or the biggest number of watermelons you can squash with your hips - all this is done on purpose. But sometimes people end up getting into the Guinness Book of Records unintentionally. And today, we’ll talk about them.





Video Script:: 

hi everyone most of the record holders get a mention in the Guinness Book of Records after long exhausting training and many years of preparation and no matter what the record is and achievements in sport the longest hair or the biggest number of watermelons you could squash with your hips all this is done on purpose but sometimes people end up getting into the Guinness Book of Records unintentionally and today we'll talk about them let's get it on fast talking some people talk really fast very often their job involves repeating certain phrases and over time their speech is accelerated to cosmic speeds when it comes to talking quickly no one can quite beats John mashita jr. an American singer and actor he became famous for his quick speech that was a very unfortunate rancic him to see him problem by posing in them did I sleep against a tree mother mushiya was featured in over a hundred commercials he also voiced a character in the animated series about transformers no wonder that even after many years later he's still recognized on the streets mashita was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the person with the fastest speech he cannot have 586 words per minute that is five times faster than the average person can and although some scientists claim that this isn't possible due to the limits of the human brain mushiya repeatedly proved the opposite of what the participant Meo committee look at my friend here avoiding replacing his record was later broken though in 1990 by Steve Woodmoor who spoke six hundred and thirty seven words per minute and then later again by Shawn Shannon with his 655 worse however mashita doubts of these people are really capable of this and he's still confident that he remains the fastest speaker in the world nineteen Olympics attendances most professional athletes can take part in the Olympics just a few times in their lives not to mention the fans because in order to regularly attend such events you need to travel around the world have a lot of money and be really enthusiastic about sports Harry Nelson from the US attended 19 Olympic Games between 1932 and 2016 and for that he was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records Nelson attended its first games in Los Angeles in 1932 at the age of 10 after he and his older brother received tickets as a gift since then the man has missed only one Olympic Games held in 1936 in Germany however we all know the reason why and although Harry Nelson hardly ever thought that his love of sports would make him a record holder he deserved his title space records Peggy Whitson is an amazing person she's not only a biochemist and an experienced NASA astronaut but also the holder of several records and Peggy it seems didn't actually seek to set any of them she just did what she loved most for many years and she did it well Peggy's first space mission took place in 2002 when she had to stay aboard the International Space Station for a long time in 2007 she became the first woman commander of the ISS and in 2017 the first woman astronauts who held this position twice on April the 24th 2017 witsand broke the record for the total number of days spent in space by any NASA astronauts but she didn't stop there in the same 2017 Peggy set another record this time for the duration of a single space flight of a female astronauts and when she returned to Earth she became the holder of the record for the most days in space for a NASA astronaut longest running TV show host the Wheel of Fortune show has been on American TV screens since the 70s of the last century it has long become a real television classic known so many not only in America but also worldwide people turn a wheel guess a word and win money does that sound familiar but we're interested not so much in the game itself as in his host at the very beginning of The Wheel of Fortune different people hosted the show but Pat Sajak became the real symbol of the wheel of fortune he made his debut as host on December 28th 90 81 and since then he practically didn't leave his position hosting daytime and even evening shows surprisingly after so many years the audience still loves him in may 20 19 sat Jack was mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records he's been hosting the Wheel of Fortune show for 35 years and a hundred and ninety eight days now returned in the title of the longest career as a game show host of the same show however the Guinness World Records certificate only complements a Jack's other accomplishments including three Emmy Awards a People's Choice Prize and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Batman cosplay people who recreate superhero costumes in the real world deserve to be admired perhaps not everyone can understand them but a person who can spend its free time money and effort just to look like his favorite character from a comic book movie or video game such a person could probably do anything there are thousands of cosplayers out there but Julian checked Lee from Ireland who really stands out among the rest he works as a special effects expert and he's designed and constructed a full copy of Batman suit from the Batman Arkham origins game to do this Piazza print all the details on a 3d printer and then cast them from flexible urethane rubber however this is not just some fancy costume with a cape and a funny pointy eared has checked Lee created 23 functioning gadgets including a submachine gun smoke bombs an ultraviolet lamp and even a bat signal projector for the night sky it's look in many hours to figure out which gadgets are recreate and how to place them on a suit also he has to think about power sources and other issues but all these efforts paid off the costume was so cool that it was even mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as a cosplay costume with the largest number of functioning gadgets and we're definitely not wrong when we say that this is perhaps the best Batman cosplay in history forensic artist Lois Gibson has a unique talents she draws criminals but not just some of the people from our imagination Lois is a forensic artist working for the Texas Houston Police Department in 2017 she helped I identify 753 criminals and secure over a thousand convictions and although today there is a special software for sketching the subject each day Louis still sits at a blank easel with charcoal in hand meeting people is lives have been stricken by criminals most often people see criminals only briefly and can't remember all of the details in such cases Louis asks what kind of expression they had this may seem strange but if a person can answer this question then he can recall the features of the criminal and then Louis us to draw them Louis draws about a hundred and twenty eight portraits a year and really helps not only the police but the victims too it all began in 1972 back then the girl was attacked by the criminal and came to the place surprisingly the event which could cause a severe mental trauma turns the life of Louis upside down she then became a portrait sketcher and three thousand drawings later she gained the skill set needed for becoming a forensic artist and it turned out to be the best decision of her life thanks to her persistence in talent many criminals were course and some of them would never have even been identified if not for the portraits made by Louis the face has earned her the Guinness World Records title for most criminals positively identified due to the composites of one artist the fluffiest sheep merino sheep are very valuable because of that wool it has high quality softness and overall it's just a very nice product however if such a sheep is not regularly sheared it risks getting seriously sick besides the animal will simply find it difficult to move due to the weight and volume of their walk so when a heavily overgrown sheep was discovered near Canberra the capital Australia the animal rights activists were concerned this turned out to be one of the largest sheep they'd ever seen apparently the animal was about five years old and it had never been sheared before most likely the sheep who was called Chris simply strayed from the herd and for many years that fleece survived alone growing more and more woolen fleece each year but it was necessary to do something about it otherwise the Sheep could die in the end four-time Australian sharing Championship winner Ian Elkins volunteered to share the massive Ram feather request of animal rights advocates the sheep was put under anaesthetic for the duration of the operation after being alone for many years the animal was not used to people and was very stressed it took Elkins 45 minutes to free the sheep from the 47 centimeter thick layer of fleece The Associated Press Agency estimated that 40 kilograms of wool sheared from a sheep would be enough to knit 30 sweaters after shearing the sheep lost half of its weight was an extreme way salutes White's Elkins said that without human intervention the sheep would have died within a few weeks however things worked out quite well and thanks to this story the animals set the record for the world's heaviest fleece ever sheared from a sheep dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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