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A New Dawn: Aueng Kham's Life After Rescued #Video

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When an elephant owner decides that they want to sell their female elephant, it’s not uncommon for them to promote the idea that she is pregnant, with the hope of inflating the value of the trade. This was the case with Aueng Kham when she came to us on foot, walking over the mountainside, and forever leaving behind a life of performances and being ridden beyond exhaustion.
Most importantly, we rescued this beautiful elephant from a life of damaging work, so that one more elephant shall be free from fear and demeaning labor. The scars that cover her body speak enough - she deserves a better life.
Upon arrival, her first swim in the river was a sign of good days to come. Afterward, we took her to the clinic, as she was suffering from a fungal skin infection. Our vet team treated her daily until the problem was resolved.
Aueng Kham quickly formed a beautiful friendship with Hom Nuan, which continues to blossom daily. They are very vocal with each other, which makes us smile. They talk to each other constantly, as if they had been apart for a long time, welcoming the happy reunion.
No one can imagine the hardship that they have had to endure – to be taken from their mothers at a tender age and made to work and perform meaningless activities. Aung Kham and Hom Nuan are in generous spirits now, gauging by how warmly they befriended Rattana Kham on the night of her arrival.
Thanks go out to Warattada “Meow” Pattarodom and her friends, who helped to take the saddle off Aueng Kham’s back before we all walked home together.
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  • CharMaine Added These elephants are sadly worked so hard . . . it is so heartwarming to see them finally set free to be as God intended them to be. Living the life they so richly deserved on God's green earth.