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7 Deadliest Insects That Look Harmless Video

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7 Deadliest Insects That Look Harmless





Video Script:: 

when out in nature size can be pretty deceiving though there are several giant bugs with a tendency to look scary it's often the smaller crawlers that are far deadlier and should be avoided so are you ready for the seven deadliest insects in the world welcome to another episode of forever green and if you're expecting the usual bunch of creepy crawlies then the beautiful butterfly number three is going to be quite the shock today's video doesn't include spiders because they're not actually insects and we already have made a separate video on them alright let's take a look at some of these deadly crawlers and flyers shall we number 7. maricopa harvester ant is it possible for an ant colony to kill a human well that would depend on the ant some like the poisonous maricopa harvester ant only need a few hundred stings to kill a human compared to 1 500 for honeybees that's if you're not allergic of course they are mostly red but some look kind of brownish and they tend to be a bit bigger than most harvester ants [Music] but size isn't what's to be feared about these guys the venom of the maricopa ant is believed to be the most toxic and concentrated insect venom in the world thankfully one of these guys don't weigh nearly as much as a bee or a wasp but don't forget ants work in colonies when a single maricopa stings you it releases pheromones that alarm the rest of the colony soon other stings will follow and death will be fast [Music] found that scary wait until you see the beautiful butterfly at number 3 you would never suspect to be a deadly killer number 6 kissing bug don't let the sweet name of this bug deceive you yes this bug gives kisses but it may be one of the last ones you get the kissing bug is a blood-sucking parasite that is attracted to its feeding sites by breath so if you breathe through your mouth you are a target do you see where this is going these bugs have been named after their habit of biting human lips while they sleep and feasting on their blood and that's only the half of it when they're done kissing these bugs leave behind a parasite called trypanosoma cruisy which can lead to a life-threatening illness known as chagas the kissing bug bite results in instant changes within its victims body such as welts and rashes the resulting chagas disease kills 12 000 people every year who wants a kiss now number five killer bees also are known as africanized honeybees killer bees are one of the most dominant and aggressive insects on the planet if disturbed these bees become alerted for the next 24 hours and would attack any human or animal that comes within range of their nest they live in large colonies of up to 80 000 members and once a group of killer bees locks in on its victim they will follow it for up to 1 000 miles they typically sting the eyes and face of humans and while their toxin is not so dangerous unless you're allergic repeated stinging from these bees has been known to kill on average one or two people every year apparently their honey is killer too but we'll leave it up to you to decide if this bee is worth the trouble number four fire ants fire ants are known to be one of the most aggressive insect species on the planet if you knock over their mound or mess with them these guys will actually chase you down they're also among the top 10 threats to agriculture because they will destroy anything in their path when the usda tried to kill them with fire hoses the ants made a water type ball with a queen in the middle and floated away on the water [Music] and while a single ant won't kill you an infestation of these fiery little guys has led to human deaths before not convinced in texas the ants were crawling into air-conditioning vents of hospitals and biting into patients iv drips patients were dying and nursing staff were accused of murdering patients some had even served time in prison by the time the real cause was identified even pest control companies won't guarantee they can get rid of them because nothing has been 100 effective against these relentless ants number three monarch caterpillar or butterfly toxic and deadly are the last words that come to mind when seeing those beautifully colored wings and yet the monarch butterfly or caterpillar is one of the most poisonous insects in the world their orange and black coloring is actually sending you the message to stay away the monarch caterpillar feeds on milkweed which is toxic and can disrupt cardiac contractions that's right this caterpillar can stop your heart from beating you can touch them and everything but any human or animal who swallows one is going to get heavily intoxicated and probably die so it's best not to make lunch out of one of these little guys and while that may seem like self-evident advice for most of us juicy caterpillars are actually a delicacy to people in different parts of southern africa like botswana in east asian countries like china in fact caterpillars are purposely harvested for their high nutritional value but with the millions of insects in the world most of which are still undiscovered looks can be pretty deceiving that's probably why most of us have graduated away from eating insects on a regular basis number two japanese oriental wasps japanese oriental wasps more commonly known as the giant japanese hornets can be extremely dangerous and deadly in groups just the thought of a three inch long wasp is frightening enough and it sure doesn't help that they're known to be one of the most aggressive insects on the planet these giant hornets live in colonies of up to 700 members and feed primarily on bee larva but they will kill and dismember entire bees too after removing a bee's head and limbs the hornets return to their nest with just the beast thorax and chew it down before feeding it to their own growing larva [Music] these fearless invaders have been known to finish up to 40 honeybees in a minute unfortunately they're no friendlier to us humans either they're not the most poisonous animal but considering that close to hundreds can sting you at the same time and unlike bees they can sting you multiple times the overall payload of venom delivered by these giant wasps to their victim far exceeds that of any other venomous animal the venom of a japanese hornet would cause an allergic reaction in dissolved tissues within a short time and repeated stinging may result in death every year up to 40 deaths are recorded by the stings of japanese hornets before we reveal number one be sure to check out other amazing videos on our channel and give us a like if you enjoyed this video so far tell us in comments which one of these you like the most and why number one mosquitoes despite their size these bloodsuckers carry some of the most life-threatening diseases known to man making mosquitoes the most dangerous insect on earth mosquitoes cause an estimated one million deaths every year by spreading the deadly malaria germ from one victim's blood into another's by biting over 500 million cases of malaria are reported every year and the who estimates that every 30 seconds a child dies from the resulting sickness in addition to malaria mosquitoes also spread dengue fever yellow fever encephalitis and west nile virus [Music] warm weather and any puddle of stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for these little pests but a few mosquitoes have been found in cold alaska recently even with pesticides and heavy decontamination we humans continue to struggle against this number one killer insect and that's it for the seven deadliest insects in the world which of these tiny crawlers and flyers did you find most worrisome be sure to let us know in the comments below and if you like this video you're going to want to check out the other video on the screen don't forget to subscribe to never miss another awesome or creepy animal video and see you in the next one


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