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6 Body Transformations That Will Surprise You

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Сelebrities and fashion magazines keep telling us we need to accept and love ourselves. But what if you just can’t love your body, and your reflection in the mirror leaves a lot to be desired? Well, in such cases, you can always start changing yourself. For example, find a way to turn your imperfections into virtues, start working out or take up arts. Today we will tell you several transformation stories that changed the lives of people forever. If you were looking for motivation for self-improvement, then you definitely found the right video.




Video Script:: 

hi everyone celebrities and fashion magazines keep telling us that we need to accept and love ourselves or what if you just can't love your body and your reflection in the mirror leaves a lot to be desired well in such cases you can always starts changing yourself for example find a way to turn your imperfections into virtues start working out or taking up arts today we will tell you several transformation stories that change the lives of people forever if you are looking for motivation for self-improvement then you definitely found the right video let's get it on my Reis to it in the 90s when the British supermodel Kate Moss started conquering the world fashion industry millions of girls around the world began envying her body thin and fragile ample women from Hollywood popular at the second half of the 20th century were forgotten and extreme almost morbid thinness had become a new trend alas the desire to look like a fashion model has become a source of serious health issues for many women the most common type of eating disorder that questionable diets and extreme nutrient deficiencies can lead to is anorexia it's estimated that on average about 2 percent of women have at least once experienced physical or psychological manifestations of anorexia fortunately with the right treatments more than half of these cases result in full recovery Myra Stuart from Scotland knows a thing or two about this condition when she was a teen she had seen many incredibly thin models and was determined to become like them her obsessive desire to lose weight was only aggravated by issues in her personal life and her family alas at some point things got out of hand by the age of 17 the girl weighed less than 30 kilograms and the energy value of her daily diet range between 300 and 500 calories at the same time Meyer II worked out eight hours a day exhausting herself with physical exercises as her family recalls the girl was literally on the brink of death and finally her parents realized that things could not go on like this this happened after gym coaches stopped miry from working out because of our exhausted state and risks to health in 2016 the girl finally asked a specialist for help at that moment she could hardly speak fortunately her recovery was Swift and successful a few months later she was offered the job of a gym coach while our own body was rapidly building up muscles shortly after starting the new job miry realized that she could use her experience to help other women deal with anorexia today she provides them with psychological and sports support and continues to be successful in her workouts Craig goalie Asst beauty standards of course apply not only so women of course they change over time until recently women with thin bodies were trendy but for guys thinness was always associated with weakness this guy from the US states of Nevada used to weigh less than 70 kilograms and until he turned 20 years old he had no idea how to use a barbell today Craig can't even imagine his life without sports in several years he turned his bodies were real jerk no way sir infamous 16 kilograms you'll probably recognize him in this photo which became viral at some point compared to ordinary passengers in public transport Craig looks like a real monster from films about superheroes Craig admits that his weight is not only a reason for bragging on Instagram but also a source of daily inconvenience due to its powerful body structure it's hard for Craig to even tie shoes climbs stairs or even take a shower but all this pales compared to the pleasure that training and victories and bodybuilding championships bring him as for the workout routine Craig admits that he doesn't do cardio exercises unless he wants to lose weight quickly he goes to the gym six times a week and most of his workouts are about strength building during each of them he focuses on one specific area of the body most of all crave loves working out his pectoral muscles and the bulk of his diet is protein shakes white rice chicken and pasta David Iguala people born with disabilities find it more difficult to cope with their insecurities because they can't solve their issues with training or diets however this guy from Spain proved that nothing is impossible David well I was born without a right forearm instead of its he only has a small arm with an equally small underdeveloped hand of course life with such a diagnosis it's not a reason to give up nowadays there are a huge number of prosthesis and devices that allow people with disabilities to have a normal life but David came up with something better he decided to make his own prosthesis as a child David's favorite toys were LEGO sets he once thought if he can build real ships and helicopters from LEGO pieces why not try and make an arm out of them he created his first prosthesis at the age of nine and by the age of 18 he had finished a fully functioning model his first prototype was called the mark 1 and was assembled from a lego technic set it was reasonably simple soon mark 2 followed after that there was another model and finally David came up with mark for the most advanced prosthesis yeah David admits that in everyday life he can do without it even creates dubstep music after a while Lego learned about David's invention and he became the official ambassador of the company thanks to this David decided to pursue a career in bioengineering and today he's studying this subject of the University so we should definitely expect a lots of breakthrough discoveries from him shall Omnicom when this girl was only nine years old she suffered from an accident one day shalom was in her mother's restaurants in a native Nigeria and in course of a tragic accidents a pot of hot oil fell on her face aside from going through a painful rehabilitation after the injury she faced other issues her classmates avoided her and some of them even came up with insulting nicknames like monster or scarface shalom experienced a lots of negativity and she stopped feeling any joy in her life fortunately her depression began to fade away mother was always there for Shalom and she also talked a lot with the other burn victims she began to think how to hide her scars in order to feel more confidence in public and decided to use makeup soon chillon became a real professional in the world of makeup and even started her own YouTube channel now she films her face on camera and teaches subscribers not only the art of makeup but also how to accept themselves and their facial features Brian Fenn the history of tattoos dates back several thousand years but this type of body modification has become especially popular in recent decades today in some countries in Europe and the United States the number of adult citizens with tattoos is reaching 50% of the entire population most people put images on their skin because they consider it stylish or use them as a simple of something important but some of them can tell a completely different story one day Brian Finn from Ohio decided that he could use his talent as a painter and a tattoo artist to help people who suffered from violence using special technology he learned some masks deep scars under a layer of colorful compositions one of his clients Lee ring experienced severe emotional problems in the past to escape from the pain she cut her hands deep since the age of 17 today Lee has already learned how to cope with a troubled past and she came to Bryan to transform memories from her past into something completely new where the old scars used to be there's now a composition of flowers and an elegant dragonfly a symbol of change as the girl puts it Jesse Shand and finally another story about changing yourself not so long ago this guy from Novi Michigan weighed more than 300 kilograms and didn't leave this house for several years in that time Jesse felt miserable and vented his anger on the world by publishing hater comments on the Internet when he stumbled upon the website for body builders Jesse published his photo there and invited users to ask the fattest man on the site anything the guy held his breath in anticipation of the upcoming hostility but everything went not quite as he expected instead of being enraged by Jesse the athletes were sympathetic to him and shared advice on nutrition and training one of the users even bought the guy an inflatable pool because Jesse simply couldn't fit in the shower suddenly the compassion of strangers inspired Jesse for two years Jesse worked out hard visiting the gym five times a week completely abandoned junk food and began to maintain a new diet of course the first steps were the most challenging for him but he felt constant support from the members of that bodybuilding forum for example one guy advised to start his workout with a daily walk around the house gradually increasing the number of laps and then move on to squats and another user gave Jesse a barbell and a pair of dumbbells so that he could start working out at home a little later when Jesse could already go to the gym on its own local athletes volunteered to help it with his workouts they also prepared a new diet for it gradually Jesse began to return to his former lifestyle he made new friends started shopping and finally could sit in the driver's seat of his favorite car in a couple of years he lost more than 50 percent of his weight Jesse weighed 120 kilograms a good part of which was muscles are quiet through hard work he had to solve one remaining problem though to remove almost 20 kilograms of sagging skin formed after such a radical weight loss of course surgical procedures were available but Jesse simply didn't have enough money to afford them thankfully he managed to raise $20,000 through crowdfunding now he lives a happy fulfilling life dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you love huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]


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