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23 Animals Who Had the Best Cosplay Costumes

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Even if you have never been a fan of computer games, you must have heard about cosplay. Yes, about those people in costumes of superheroes and characters from fictional universes. But what if you put Spiderman's suit on your favorite pet? Believe us, this will definitely melt everyone’s heart. Today we will tell you about animals who portrayed fictional characters, and we promise that you’ll experience cuteness overload.





Video Script:: 

hi everyone even if you've never been a fan of computer games you must have heard about cosplay yes about those people in costumes of superheroes and characters from fictional universes thought if you put spider-man suits on your favorite pets believe us this will definitely melt everyone's hearts today we will tell you about animals who portrayed fictional characters and will promise you that you'll experience cuteness overload let's get it on [Music] Sabrina red LOC from California adores her dog the Doberman Pinscher penny and she loves Star Wars Iron Man Batman and other cult science fiction films so why not combine these two passions into one alas these specialized stores selling funny costumes didn't have the right songs for Sabrina's past so she had to take matters into our own hands and make an unusual costume it turned out just great just look at this cute Tony Stark costume made of clay and fiberglass [Music] penny looks a little scary as an imperial stormtrooper from the Star Wars saga but that's the idea because Sabrina is loved Halloween since childhood at some point she thought the pet should also be a part of us by the way Sabrina and Penny often participates in charity events to attract more people to raise funds with their unusual outfits well the dog apparently enjoys the experience according to the owner penny loves to change clothes and pose for pictures which is unusual for most dogs who said that the smallest animals can't become superheroes a French Bulldog named Reuben proves that he's more than capable of us the idea to turn his pet into a superhero came to the owner after attending the VidCon conference indeed why not share an interesting hobby with your best friend right since then Reuben tried on dozens of different costumes but the most memorable of them was of course the Batman's outfit this little Dark Knight will melt everyone sort by the way the owner says that's like any Instagram star Reuben loves to eat a fitness salad for lunch although of course he won't say no to juicy burger it seems that we've started to forget what real rock-and-rollers dog Louie from the United States looks as good as they have music stuff here you can see him wearing the costume of the guitarist of the popular kiss band but that's not his only costume that's because the dog is a real model he regularly participates in professional photoshoots and also helps the owner with charity work by the way the owner adopted Louie from a dog shelter each year Comic Con in New York brings together more than 250,000 fans of video games and comics so choosing the best costumes and cosplay is very difficult but say couple of years ago an unusual visitor came to the festival and some fans of venom claimed that he's the best representation of the character seems that Tom Hardy has some serious competition now well let's not only talk about dogs cats by the way also know how to cost like meets the charming forks Pike and knack thanks to their owner we could see these pets portraying the artist Bob Ross Deadpool dr. strange Donatello detective Pikachu John snow and spider-man while the photo session usually takes from 10 to 15 minutes they could take up to 50 hours to make the costumes but he must admit it's worth it although many people think that a tortoise is a boring pet it all depends on your approach the owner of this slow animal named boo us is a very creative person he dresses his pet in many costumes from a participants of a procession to a formal tuxedo but the knitted costume of the minion tops everything as you know the Marvel character Loki has many outstanding abilities one of them is the ability to shape-shift into other people and different animals you see what we're getting at there is a theory that the dog Murli in this picture is not a dog at all how else could you explain that it looks so believable as the god of mischief you dare to oppose the great Thanos did you know that guinea pigs sleep 10 minutes several times a day and then stay awake for the rest of the time the good ability for the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms who has it lots to do the charming fuzz Berta has many costumes to choose from for several years now she's tried on many images from minions to Jon Snow maybe some people think that the pitbull is an aggressive dog but Floyd proves the opposite when he appears as Captain America or Sheriff Woody from Toy Story you just can't help but smile after the Joker movie was released last year it seemed like everyone was he gets a try and copy is look you could see dozens of guests with identical green hair and creepy smiles painted on their faces of any Halloween party but look we managed to find the most successful cosplay among all of them the owner of this Pomeranian spits even took the time to drive his pets of the famous staircase where Joaquin Phoenix performed is crazy dunce you can't help but looking at it it looks like dog cosplays on a whole new level now these dogs even have real armor just like the characters from the goblin Slayer anime those nasty creatures that other evil beings better stay away from these brave defenders thousands of cosplays have already been made based on the insanely popular overwatch game but it's hard to outdo Vox this charming Shiba Inu its cosplays are so popular with social network users that some even demand and its characters of the game Warcraft fans also got something to be happy about Fox's cosplay the heroes of this universe more than once the dog doesn't just have amazing acting skills even streams on Twitch no this is not a joke when you look at this cute little goose cosplaying Sailor Moon you probably want to say moon prism power make-up however its name is not loo soggy but tighter and it lives in California not in the Land of the Rising Sun if you think Corgi is the cutest dog breed on earth then what would you say about a corgi in a tiny costume of a fairy tale dragon the dog seal appeared at the Arizona Renaissance Festival with this look and seems to have won the visitors hearts who says the you can't be a raccoon if you were born a dog Harvey looks so natural in the costume of the guardians of the galaxy character that it's easy to forget what its prototype really looks like by the way the dog lives in Manhattan but we're certain that if necessary we can count on him to save the universe the bearded lizard which looks like a mini dragon may seem like a weird choice for a pet but in Australia it is completely normal this cute lizard called Pringle feels great in its costumes of the Mighty Thor or the Ninja Turtles and it doesn't matter that it's barely 20 centimeters long the look turned out awesome looks like it's a hand of fate a dog named Harley cosplaying Harley Quinn the paunchy a cross between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua dog breeds doesn't just cosplay The Joker's eccentric companion it also successfully turned into the protagonist at the Dragon Ball anime son Goku this is what happens when your owner is an avid video game fan this beaded lizard regularly tries on different looks at the Soul Calibur game characters and amazes everyone cosplay festivals we could only imagine how much patience is needed for the tailoring and stitching of such tiny costumes the dogs in the Fallout universe are quite important characters who can join heroes in battle and even wear special armor this girl from Ecuador decided to create a cosplay based on her favorite game for her beloved pet Naga and it turned out very realistic they shouldn't let Naga out looking like this though what people may give it some weird looks Shih Tzu dogs are compared to teddy bears for a reason they really often look like charming toys but the owner of the pet called munchkin from Los Angeles went even further he began to dress his pet in cute costumes for example we can see the dog as a super ballplayer as Santa Claus or as a pumpkin for Halloween isn't it lovely not all superheroes need capes to look cooler meet the Yorkshire Terrier Roxy two years ago she won over everyone's hearts of the New York Comic Con the dog cause played a character from the iconic 1970s TV series Wonder Woman by the way even Lynda Carter the actress who portrayed Wonder Woman shared the photos if the creepy character from stranger things the demo gorgon monster could ever be called cute it's only in this case by the way this dog has already tried on dozens of cool costumes for example of the cute nine tails Pokemon and Captain America the dog parade is held every year in New York Halloween Eve on that day dozens of animals and their owners gather in Tompkins Square Park to show off their unusual costumes a few years ago this charming Bulldog cosplaying hold became the highlights of the parade but out died your dog green please it is important snow that dying the pets fur can be very risky if you really want to the die must be chosen to the specialist because products designed for humans are often not safe for animals many hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that lead to tissue irritation and even death if we're talking about dogs and cats so take good care of your pets and treat them responsibly because they deserve it hey stop being lazy it's time to use that brain of yours welcome to brain time incredible facts from the past the present and even the future the power of nature and wild animals amazing facts and unsolved mysteries you'll find all this and much more hair subscribe now you won't regret it [Music]


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