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1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe Street Rod LT-1 Corvette - Posies Built

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Added by Mel in Automotive


1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe Street Rod LT-1 Corvette "Posies Built" Photo Link Here Available Only At Spuds Garage Online....






Video Script:: 

all right here we are end of the day beautiful day Newport Beach California looking at a very nice 1932 Ford three-window coupe this cars a really special car well preserved Street ride hot ride bad boy toy is what there's a magazine article it covers this car but it's a really neat car probe built by Posey's out of Pennsylvania Boyd Coddington chassis underneath it was prepped sent to Posey and then the car was completed this particular owners owned this car for more than 20 years and this car is wonderfully babied it's finished and a boyd thread has a nice Beltline stripe here three window coupe downs body suicide doors on it three-piece aluminum hood is custom with a clamshell open or a Posey's open hood nice little touches throughout nice period hot rod that's been like I talked about baby that the current signals are nicely hidden in the front fenders here the little tiny rock tip there that's been touched up has cool frame horns on the front like we always do I'll cover full undercarriage every compartment in this but I spent a lot of time studying it's a very nice street ride one you can drive I love the way the fenders flow into the these frame horn covers and they flow into the front across their split in the middle there these Downs bodies are very nice this card literally you can't find a crack in it anywhere and 14,000 miles on the odometer people out riding their bike around here today thanks buddy as a corvette lt1 street and performance fuel-injected v8 5.7 liter underneath the hood has a turbo 350 automatic transmission has a Ford nine-inch rear differential with three L ratios so it'll really get out in the road and run up front here we'll cover that like I said when we get out to the undercarriage and stuff but independence bench suspension in the front four-wheel disc brakes rack and pinion steering Boyd stealth wheels on it that are nicely polished this thing is neat as a pin top-to-bottom well-preserved hot rod kind of car you can drive if you're looking for a hot rod you want to drive this car is just he drives it starts it frequently drives it during the week around town that type of thing it's always babied covered up in the garage just to give you an example he's on this car 20 years another car in his garage he's on 60 years so nicely finished in a two tone cloth type material has a killer audio system in it we'll cover some of that for you is when we go we have sections of video where we covered it but you'll see the speakers back here bass and mids as a tilt steering column has air conditioning again we talked about rack and pinion steering I'll get over the driver's side there and I'll talk about the dash which is just really neat design that Posey's did on the dash there's a lot of custom stuff on this car high-end carpet in it smooth running boards Gela well-built car that's assembled right power windows on it as a power antenna here on the back has a power deck lid we'll cover that in the video for you the fit and finish especially the finish on this car we shot it here late in the day so we could kind of give you the reflections on it but frame horn covers on the back that come into the fenders nice it's got a taillight section here the brake and turn signals are actually in between this panel which would really be a big gap in a lot of the stock styled cars as a third brake light here posey 30 to make sure you go to the end of the video where we cover a lot with this car we cover the undercarriage and we've covered a lot of different things 15 and 14s on the tires and wheels this has that cool American Graffiti kind of look nice stance I spill it mirror here and wiper it has wipers so it has all the stuff that you would want to drive a car like this it has safety suicide latches or safety latches on each door for the suicide doors the dash here I'm going to get in cover with you these are Recaros style or I'm not sure what the seats out of but they're very comfortable there's a lot of room here for your big guy a tall guy tilt column here what's kind of neat is you've got the shifter over here so it's not in the way so you've got a lot of nice legroom down there which is very nice turbo 350 shifter the buttons here gonna sit down in here and share you the dash with you been a long day first but man I've done three cars today in the Southern California day the dash here is actually a 32 Ford grille shell that they custom fitted you know sectioned it so on and so forth to bring it together and build a dash pod here a lot of thought went into that it's very custom has early video gauges almost like a cockpit in here audio system there's a consent it's got tweets down here and speakers up front a lot huge sound system in them so if you like music we're do ever play music on the video you could probably update the stereo head so you get yourself a CD player or an iPod connection has air conditioning Zak right here water temperature gauge fourteen thousand two hundred ninety three miles at the time of inspection air conditioning full gauge here oil pressure again that's an lt1 355 7 fuel-injected Corvette motor AC vents here we get out and let you hear it run show you the LED turn signals on the dash here they're LED there and this would be high beam [Music] figure out which one the headlights are it's on i-beam right now [Music] tilt wheel [Music] it's actually has another billet knob here that goes it has a key to attach to it but the owner uses the key with the fob and he's taking it down turn it around so I can photograph the other side of the car what a beauty great looking period hot rod see the taillights are in the center panel back there burn signals got a third brake light up high alright we got the hood side off we wanted to share the engine compartment with you with the hood set off and just kind of give you a really good feel how nice and well-preserved this hot rod is beautiful underneath the hood here nice just right very tidy hot rod clearly Pro built there's the Posey's tag on the firewall but it's assembled like that nicely done Corvette dress it's a street and performance 350 5.7 liter crate engine these cars were in the early Corvettes 92 you know the early 90s Corvettes 92 LT ones there Corvette engine very very nice powertrain electronically fuel-injected smooth running cars has a serpentine belt drive system on it high amp alternator down here Walker radiator with spall cooling fan on an electric cooling fan it has air conditioning it's hum down low over on the other side we'll go over there and take a peek at that it has jet hot coated exhaust short tube headers on it here it has a custom exhaust on it all the way to the back to something the owner the owners own this about 20 years this hot rod and just kept it here very nice driven around town here that kind of thing kind of cars got 14,000 miles on it so it tells you it can be driven a lot of miles left on this Hot Rods when you want to hop in and drive that's for sure now here the AC compressor is hung down low over here on this side as heat and a/c you'll see four lines running in here there's a heater heater lines here and then the AC lines here [Music] nice Corvette dress clamshell hood here very nice this is an aluminum hood here on it the transmissions of turbo 350 automatic with a high stall converter and a little bit of a shift kit in it Currie nine-inch differential it's the chassis was built by Boyd's we talked about that during the walk around the VIN numbers located down here on the chassis frame rail it's an 18 been which would have been incorrect for a 32 or at least that's how a 32 would begin of course the frame has been modified and that kind of thing will actually get to the undercarriage for you sure here so hang on and we'll cover that we'll put the hood side back on before we do the photo set flip the seats up and share the audio speaker system here in the back quite the sound system if you want to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck that's for sure alright we're gonna share the trunk with you it's got a power deck lid he can go ahead and raise it now John cover the trunk here with ya it's got a huge audio system and it will share behind the seat with you here in just a minute or I've probably already shared that with you but because I put these video together in segments that a power deck lid obviously you saw that the battery is located in the trunk here the fuel fill is right here in the trunk here there's a fire extinguisher in the trunk but very very very cool it's got a lot of audio system in it that it's quite the boombox anyway there you go there's the trunk I'm gonna go ahead and have him shut it you want to shut it for me John okay the battery to up battery on an off switch is right here there's also a jumper point underneath the car alright we're gonna get to the undercarriage here and cover it for you this is a mighty nice car on the bottom side we talked about that during the walk-around posey 30 to the gentleman that had this car built had the chassis he began the build of the car by having Boyd's Boyd Coddington do the chassis on his car so it's got just a hobby rails on it and the chassis was entirely built by Boyd Coddington and he prepped everything and then the car went off to Posey's for the bodywork and completion of the hot rod anyway it has four-wheel disc brakes on it those are GM calipers in the back it has a custom mandrel bent exhaust system that's been jet hot coated the owner had put on a number of years ago it's a very nice exhaust system it has a four bar suspension in the back with Carrera shocks on it Ford nine-inch rear differential with a 300 ratio which miss with the turbo 350 automatic it's got nice legs long legs on it so you can get this thing on the highway and let it roll you can see the Carrera coil over shocks on the back kind of work our way around here and then like I always do very very nicely built very tidy so you'd hear from this angle again it's uh I think it's an HR beef or bar in the back I have a spec sheet I'll have it at spuds garage up front here it's got triangulated a-arms this is all Boyd Coddington chassis put together very nice it has a Honda rack and pinion steering on it with coil over shocks kind of give you a feel you're getting a feel of the same thing I'm looking at this is a really nice hot rod Pro belt well-preserved over the years and definitely loved it up front here these are Boyd Coddington stealth wheels they match the steering wheel on the car these are two piece aluminum wheels tire size will have a spuds garage in the add these are polish front caliper you see the billet spindles that Boyd puts together these were back in the day in the early 90s faint grille and frame horn covers on the front that's just cool anyway disc brakes in the front same thing heck with it I'll cover the tire size why I'm here there were 190 560 our 14s in the front these wheels are polished you can tell like I said this car is loved kept covered in the garage here get the back give you the same perspective it's a black chassis there's a jump point right there organs are attached the rear tires are 235 very traditional hot rod size to 3570 our 15s in the rear and again stealth wheels taking it back to his garage could be going to your garage make sure you go to spuds garage great day you


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