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150-Pound German Shepherd Loses 50 Pounds Video | The Dodo Comeback Kids

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Added by Mel in Pets And Animals


Tony was so overweight he couldn't walk up stairs. But he's lost over 50 pounds thanks to a house full of dogs. Now he gets to go on the craziest adventures around the country...with his dog girlfriend!





Video Script:: 

he's 50 pounds overweight wrong way don't get discouraged I just adopted Tony I think Tony had really given up when I first showed him love he kind of nudged his head into me and stole my heart mr. just worked out my biggest worries are heart problems we have been joint issues he needs to lose a third of his body work Tony was found as a stray he was adopted and returned I don't think that he felt that he would ever really experience love but this time he is never going back again we're home Tony just really means a family that believes in him my family consists of eight other rescue dogs and Tony makes nine you can drink out of all the Bulls he just really didn't believe in himself come on boy come on boy come on you're gonna come on the first night he was kind of distant he would try to hide but it was so big there was nowhere he could really hide Howard dog is feeling on the inside is what you see on the outside he wouldn't stand to eat he just couldn't hold himself up he couldn't catch a tree all those words he had been so used to the people not giving him affection I didn't want him to think that's what was going to happen I'm going to swarm this dog with so much love so that he knows that he is the most special dog I believe that is going to be the key ingredient to his success because I go you can't get on one bit come on come on let's go baby go boy Tony bear where you going day one didn't Tony toned there you go buddy the way Tony is going to lose the weight is by just doing his best to keep up with the pack Oh keep going Tony was so surprised by how much I was trying to motivate him got this come on you think ugh he's never heard it before those ABS coming in you're so close didn't it let Tony catch up whew so he could play with you let's totally play with you style please don't give up Tony I have no doubt you can jump out of this car come on yeah even after that first workout Tony seemed to have a little bit more confidence [Music] yeah you home you know between his first business 147 thanks Tony [Music] Oh buddy yeah the first day that I left for a work meeting was big for us team Tony chased me on the empty road that's when I finally knew he knows that I love him I really see a lot of my younger self in him I thought no one would love me I had severe learning disabilities I was so tired of getting bully one day I ran away from school and I ran to a dog shelter I started going there every day I would talk to them I would tell them I promise I'm going to save all of you I had a nine-to-five job but I quit to travel around the country and promote dog adoption as soon as Tony is a little bit more mobile we're gonna hit the road again and show people what dog adoption is really all about and this family of misfits who we have is unconditional love each dog is such a great example everyone that meets Stella says that it used to be afraid of pitbulls all she wants to do is puddle butters is very abused so I thought he was gonna be this very scared dog and instead he is the most confident Beast Beau's owner told me to find him a home or take him to the shelter tally is very demanding but she deserves it really does you got in the mouth I didn't think Lily was gonna make it she was having several seizures a day did you get off a Molly Molly is from that shelter when I was in school Queen she's the oldest out of the package and then any the most petrified chihuahua I have ever seen she definitely not better cut now do something penny we're gonna do is that a curiosity penny are you good or is Tony crushing you you chihuahuas fell in love with Tony right away jumping on him and he just doesn't do anything the whole day that's Queens bed buddy they are a huge reason why Tony felt at home if the littles are too much bo will actually step in between them and let them know like all right that's enough bo is 100% Tony's personal trainer Tony is trying to keep up with him he motivates him in every single way he just needs to lose a little bit more weight the foreign pony is ready for the road good boy well you do get out I never saw it coming I was actually nervous about how Lily will do with him you don't have to stand right next to them Lily go pee as well lily and Tony are attached to the hip look what we have here oh my goodness no don't get up Lily go back into the position they just adore each other they always have to be touching each other Tony is Lily's boyfriend you don't want to mess with her boyfriend I think Tony gained a lot of confidence from Lily look at him moving around he's like a puppy now his personality is really starting to tick them out look at him go guys okay Stoney that's not a toy no it's not a toy great work Tony I don't even recognize me I don't know like how you think we operate over the phone money don't grow on trees you know your your your promise no one no one could have a serious conversation anymore roll out me and my Tony's rolled out the Tumtum Tony is starting to realize that it doesn't matter how much weight he gains or loses whatever it is that he does he's always going to be perfect in my eyes he's home [Music] ponying is finally healthy enough and ready to go in some real adventures Wow we ready to go no no not Lily not like that like we're driving away that's my fault we're gonna go drive somewhere everybody look at my boy open road [Music] by the yours [Music] it's Tony's first time at the beach every time we stop we're somewhere new new smells the new activities Pony is running around losing more weight and of course having an amazing time to make a life better that's what life is about rescuing is so beautiful because you saved the life if someone goes to a breeder that means they're leaving a dog in the shelter rescuing is actually a pretty easy way to see what love and life is all about [Applause] [Music] [Applause] tony is part of our pack now he's family here's Tony only has two pounds left to lose so I have an idea this traffic is ridiculous in order for Tony to lose the last two pounds we're going to run across the Brooklyn Bridge two pounds away Tony anything that was good [Music] Tony's an amazing 99 pound you did it bud I'm ready to go to Sacramento SPCA I want to show them how grateful I am Tony has lost over 50 pounds mr. just work out [Music] he is just a different dog in every single way except for how loving he is and how beautiful he is I believed in him and then he believed in himself it doesn't matter the size what the breed is we accept each other no matter what a healthy family requires unconditional love love with no judgment I know it sounds corny but imagine if we all lived that way I'm doing laundry today and I'm cleaning all the dog beds and look what I find when I look at all these beautiful Souls my mag oh the puppies living in one big house oh yeah you know I'm trying to go with that that's not I'm still working on it but you guys good you


  • Lynne Henderson Added This person has a beautiful soul. There are no throw aways in this world but it takes a caring person to realize that.