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10 Biggest Supercomputers Ever

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Video Script:: 

these super computers are insane billion dollar machines these are the way of the future number 10 lassen lassen was intended to be used in general research without a specific restriction its processors can run up to 18.2 million billion calculations each second just for the record this one in particular is being developed periodically to achieve even more operations hopefully it can be classified as the biggest general super computer someday number nine super muc lenovo was also a pioneer in the field of super computer manufacture it contributed to the design and implementation of a supercomputer called super muc at the leibniz supercomputing center in garching near munich intel was a major partner to lenovo in this super computer until finally releasing it to the light super muc could amazingly take the first place in the most powerful supercomputers in the european union it can calculate up to 19.5 million billion operations per second you know what germany cannot only be into car manufacturing without giving some serious care to super computers number eight ai bridging cloud infrastructure when japan decided to contribute to supercomputers manufacturing it often revealed an invention as a big surprise in the scientific community actually fujitsu built a machine away from nuclear and physics research which is what we usually associate with supercomputers use it created something called the ai bridging cloud infrastructure which can be abbreviated as abci this supercomputer belongs to japan's national institute of advanced industrial science and technology the main goal for this machine is to work as a cloud-based artificial intelligence resource in order to achieve that the abci was designed to perform about 19.9 million billion operations each second number seven trinity if you were to name your new invention you would probably find some famous event related to its purpose and then you would name it after that event this is exactly what happened with the supercomputer that was named after the first u.s nuclear test in 1945 this machine was also built by the craig corporation it mainly serves the los alamos national laboratory and sandia national laboratory system trinity has the power to perform about 20.2 million billion operations per second moreover it's simulating nuclear weapons and is only used in this field number six pizz have you all noticed that europe is absent in this classification until now no matter at all here europe appears in the list of top biggest supercomputers ever as europe is famous for alpine mountains the most powerful supercomputer in europe was named after one of the mountains that belongs in the alps in switzerland ladies and gentlemen please say welcome to pete' that is located at the swiss national supercomputing center in lugano basically it's an upgrade for a system built by an american company called cray it can perform up to 21.2 million billion operations per second thus the european research center has to thank this supercomputer especially in the fields of materials science physics geophysics life sciences climatology and data science number five frontier physics was often one of the most difficult subjects in school for many students lots of equations and calculus formulas always made us need a helpful tool to solve them moreover the more we get involved in quantum physics the greater issues will appear in dealing with complex equations however in 2019 a new american supercomputer called frontier was released to the world this one was built by dell and equipped by intel which is known for state-of-the-art technology since june 2019 frontier has contributed to several important projects such as black hole research quantum mechanics modeling medical simulations and even climate modeling it relies on the performance of 23.5 million billion operations per second with this super speed frontier is so efficient in the domain of physics energy properties of matter and so on with other fields of science that if i were to name it i would call it the super physician number four tianhe 2a china will remain at the forefront of technology for decades so there is no doubt that it will try to keep its supercomputers on top of our list today besides the sunway supercomputer china developed milky way 2a or tianji 2a this one specifically was invented by the national university of defense technology tianji 2a fills the space of the national supercomputer center in guangzhou which is about 42 332 square meters basically this supercomputer can afford up to 61.4 million billion operations each second all the computations are exclusively for government security that means it's a little bit of a secret super computer that hides deep underground number three sunway tihu light at the dawn of the age of the summit and sierra supercomputers in 2018 china started to move forward in that region as well it worked on a special kind of supercomputer which is called sunway taihulight it's a machine built by the national center for engineering research and parallel computing technology this giant supercomputer fills up the space of the national supercomputing center in wuxi despite the lack of accelerating chips sunway can operate up to 93 million billion operations per second in addition to that it contains about 10 million processors to accomplish this super speed performance one of the greatest purposes of this supercomputer is its use in astronomy research it contributed to the simulation of the birth and expansion of the universe using 10 billion digital particles number two sierra different needs require different tools that's why ibm invented another supercomputer which is considered the second biggest in the world it's called sierra sierra is located in california's lawrence livermore national laboratory as it was created for research ibm intended to make its hardware based on summits hardware however the complications were noticeably fewer than those that existed in the summit supercomputer sierra is powerful enough to perform over 94.6 million billion operations each second the main difference here is that sierra is mainly under the control of military research exclusively moreover as it's widely used to test the effects of nuclear weapons under the ground all the studies which depend on it are extremely secret and can't be announced to the public for any reason all that we know is how powerful it is one more supercomputer is left on this list but first stay tuned for our upcoming videos and don't forget to hit the subscribe button and give us thumbs up and answer this in the comments how much would you spend on a top of the line computer and what game would you play on your super powered gaming rig or would you mind bitcoin instead number one summit at the beginning of the computer era the entire device could be fit in a room the size of a giant cupboard and it could do calculations very slowly in 1946 the ibm 602 could do about 200 operations per second even back in 1985 the cray 2 computer could only do about 1.9 billion floating point operations per second today's playstation 4 has a console that reaches almost a thousand times more than the cray 2. now how will you react when you see the size of the summit supercomputer just for the record summit is considered the biggest and the most powerful supercomputer in the world it was built by ibm for the u.s department of energy's oak ridge national laboratory in tennessee this legendary device is based on an area equal to double the area of two full-size basketball courts and guess what it can perform up to 148.6 million billion operations per second i'm sure you're feeling overwhelmed right now in order to achieve that tremendous number of operations summit includes 2.41 million cores inside it acting like many hearts beating together summit had a vital role in many projects such as the search for genetic variants in the population related to diseases the simulation of earthquakes in urban environments and even the study of extreme climate change currently you can be assured that it's the most powerful computer on earth [Music]


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