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Open-Concept Minimalist Tiny House Built with Reclaimed Materials

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This is a 25-foot long minimalist tiny house in Rimouski, Quebec. It has a very simple, open concept design which makes the space really flexible, and it’s built with almost 100% secondhand and reclaimed materials, including the trailer, the windows, doors, the cabinets and most of the wood. It has a rainwater collection system for the shower and sinks, and it’s designed to be on the grid with electric heat and hot water. There is a main loft that sleeps two, a second loft that they plan to convert to a child's area with a railing and a single bed, and the couch pulls out to sleep two more people.
Israel and Audrey live on a remote piece of land that has access to a lake, and they've got big plans to grow their own food, organize outdoor activities, create trails, and they want to share their little piece of paradise with new people. They have the tiny house, a tipi, and a yurt for rent.





Video Script:: 

hey everyone in this video we're visiting a beautiful minimalist tiny house in Rimouski Quebec it has a very simple open-concept design which makes this space really flexible and it's built with almost a hundred percent secondhand and reclaimed materials including the trailer the windows the doors the cabinets and most of the wood it has a rainwater collection system for the shower and sinks and it's designed to be on the grid with electric heat and hot water so we're gonna go meet up with the owners Audrey and Israel and they're gonna give us a full tour the lifestyle that you get in the tiny house is definitely not the same one that you get in a normal house and the idea is obviously to be able to compromise the space but keep the quality the quality of life that you're having in it most of the material to the max has been recycled reused see these are old wine box you can see that one there all the wood from an old bond that fell down and and we tried to collect you know a lot the best pieces Pascal my friend that actually built the tiny house was very very picky on how and what is going to be used so that's why for example doors windows are all recycled they were all from different houses and stuff even the trailer itself like the frame has been Reebok the Builder actually lived in that house for three years at three different location which is pretty cool that's the idea it's easy to to set up and it's easy just go on and leave the tiny house here has eight by 25 by using a table that's a bit tucked away so we save room that's always the idea with a tiny tiny house lifestyle we thought that was the this way to to make it happen we usually have that to write little messages behind that is actually the board like the electrical board of course we don't eat 24 hours a day so might as well just make it double double use here we have the kitchen with the nice finished bamboo top it's like the nice little brand-new thing that that's in here and basically what we run on is water that we get from the Rhine so we try to bring the drinkable water from the well that's from the house nearby and when it's time to do anything like taking having a shower or just you know washing dishes or whatever brushing your teeth then it's got it's coming from the Rhine it gets automatically filled up we basically pick up with say a thousand leader in the springtime so it starts up at least for the summer and it makes perfect what just need a little bit of chlorine just to stabilize the water to make sure that no bacteria takes place for the heating system we have just a small tank it's a five gallon tank it gives you maybe a seven minute shower and it goes in the mentality of trying to use less right now this tiny house is only used for three seasons so in the future we would be looking at you know a water supply that would come you know four season round this house is made to be plugged on on on a normal water source just like another house so it's just a matter of finding finding that source and you know instead of having a full oven here so far we've been able to manage only with that small reused cooking set that works on 120 I also have the possibility to plug a normal a normal oven on on 240 but for the moment we're not supplied with such current so we keep it very low profile with the little things so basically in that area is frig the toaster for any grilled chicken or anything that's a bit bigger than toes that was really good and it's in compliment with that other Hovind top that I spoke about before a little bit of pots and pans and everything that you need in terms of cooking and and containers and everything so we keep that in their mini fridge that allows you to you know have your milk ready for the coffee in the morning and eggs and whatnot you know here we have the control for the heat so the living living area is is controlled through here there's also one for the bathroom back here it's electric heated two controls is sufficient for for the whole house which is which is pretty good so in the case of ourselves here we're so remote we didn't want to get into you know the the process of excavating to get there no normal septic tank or whatever knowing that we have a huge compost area on this land and so we decided to go with with a compostable dry toilet using a pinewood shred surprisingly when you don't know about dry toilets you'd be looking at it with you know a lot of apprehension but surprisingly there there are no smell and yeah it works super good we're we're set with a with a full sour set it works perfectly I like the fact that it's all wood that's a very nice feature in this in this tiny house [Music] well it's actually really large living room as you can see so this is at our kitchen table as well and it's easily to get her up around it because we just have a fuel it in spots that you can just take off like the benches and everything to have a little coffee or dessert or whatever it is there's so much light coming in that is it's really nice and to take time although it gets a bit warm so we needed to doodles curtains that are actually really pretty so to go up the beds we might as you put that little ladder up people can easily access that ladder and then you just have to figure out who goes up first because then you get to reuse the ladder to go in the second top bed so so far I've been working out with one ladder but we're still thinking of probably making a second one so just this gets easier for people to just go up and down on their own so the main room is the quite large or appie to have like a lot of space to put up books the the view is just really amazing if it's too warm or stuff people can just open up the windows and the fresh air just gets right to your head so it's good for that there's a few things that makes it really user friendly to you to have your bed up there the bookshelf and the electricity plugs and everything in the control of delights that are just up the ladder so just beside the bed that's guard smart so I this is our little tiny laughs at first we used to put like backup storage stuff we're hoping to do a little child spot so doing a little single bed and putting probably maybe one or two little fences up just so it makes it more secure so the tiny house is isolated with rock wall it's very very isolated from any noise coming from the outside when you enter the tiny house and you shut the door you already feel that you know it's it's very peaceful you know we do have pretty pretty intense winter here and go back so the rock wall is excellent for that purpose it keeps a keeps up the heat really good the floors been insulated with I think it's a five-hour foam and using urethane when I bought the propriety here I was thinking it's just too beautiful and it has to be shared and then obviously I met I met Audrey and this beautiful tiny house came to our knowledge and we decided to to put it here so we have possibilities to invite people over and there's also Tippi Mongolian yourt all these different sort of place where you not only live you have the experience that comes with it [Music] hope you enjoyed visiting this tiny house and seeing the beautiful piece of land that it's parked on if you want to check it out we'll put the Airbnb link down below if you want to see more tiny house tours like this definitely check out our playlists I'll also link to that down below in the description thanks for watching see you in the next video [Music]


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