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Escarole and Beans | Two Versions | OrsaraRecipes

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Added by Mel in Variety


Today I would like to share with you my Escarole and Beans recipe. I will be showing the regular escarole and beans recipe, and an escarole and beans with fresh plum tomatoes.

Written recipe:







Video Script:

what's up everybody today we make a scarlet beans we make white curly beans a red scarlet beans [Music] [Music] for the ingredients we got escarole candle in the beans we gotta peel a plum tomato onion garlic chicken broth I wanna enjoy my Italian bread nice Nutella okay I cook already the beans and now I want to separate I want to pour fo the beans over here fov he can't do to con the white Everett hey I want to put it right over here one scoop another scoop over here now this beans it's dry beans it's not a canned it will not cook i pour some of the garlic inside one garlic it give a better test enough I got a probably here like this when you cook the beans dried beans it's so good not what I do a poor little the water for the beans I want parts over here another one over here okay now we started to colour the garlic for the beans escarole it just a slice like this you know that'd be really really sharp in okay now F I use of this dish after I use of this other dish now this F that gotta cook a separ got one it's white they wanted to read but amount of the onion the garlic it can be the same not we chop an onion it's same thing to the iron you know gotta be really choppa choppa choppa a slice on you this is F air / r1 this over here and now I got a chopper this other F yeah and this other dish okay now I got another scar over here I wasn't by for two for the red that - for the white wash already this for the fight time you gotta wash you really good the gay got a lot of sand inside I left the one this showed everybody the way up did the other train now what I'll do over here I figure out this black thing over here like that now you look on the top over here and you do like this it got a little black thing like that spot and you take it out like this and you put it back over there k gotta go everything up now look this Carroll inside what it looked like can say you got a lot of sand and look at this all right and look at that look all over the place okay now we call entropies after why this one if to decide one over here now I want to show you again the David bar look they say look at that it's really really lot of sand and now we put everything on this a a Gurgaon sink the wash really close to the way I was washed the said one lookup beautiful this one okay now the water boil assault already and we'd put escarole inside think I wanna be little bit tender okay I don't wanna put a row together with the beans and like this one time this Egon water look amazing when the coconut you come out don't know too much I got this one done we got this other one at the put inside and push it down and look already this car only disappeared almost now we gotta cook this a little bit at the time this is start the cook I want to start the fry the garlic onion okay now we got both paths the guess it's an eye let's pour oil okay now I wanted to leave a warm-up to the oil a little bit this role we give a nice pushing down and look at this today the stove it's really busy maybe I need a double map over here the stove okay and now we start the garlic onion Airport on this pads over here go to onion these are the pads okay it would give a nice okay already started that you make a little noise okay now this is the onion garlic it's ready and now we pull the form of the better okay nice that the smells are really really good now we give a nice attorney a diploma to mine the promoter Myron it cooked a lot already he'd break everything already yeah I cook at the Prophet Amira first little bit after we got poured escarole I have to get a good the beans okay now this that all is done I turn the gas off a whip or another sky roll and the first pots over here we little bit drain the water a little bit the gonna wander too much the water can I get the chicken broth Oh with a lot of guests on this other pot now I gotta have a time a little bit more it's all on this spot nah I gotta decide one parts this is related Tamara if we pour right over here make sure the drain the water and much you can take it out over here okay now we give a nice and mixed everything we got and go on a sauce over here and look already looking so good enough we've gone the other one I know uses the same spoon this one it's a big different color red angry they say I didn't like this color people say Pasquale you didn't read with a tomato why not the white it's why I want to make happy happy everybody and maybe the white it'll read like this everybody happy okay now this I'll leave a cook a little bit more but maybe seven to eight minutes left I gotta put the beans the cook together okay now we pour the beans right over here okay I give a little turn of the beans with escarole everything but I need a little bit more liquid it what I do a garden chicken broth we use leave the chicken broth if we give a nice I'm this now if they start the boy I wanna taste for the salt got that escarole I was used salt in the chicken broth II got a salt and now we got a live boy two days if this it's almost done now we gotta go with this other one with the tomato but you see everybody seeker more sauce over here and what I do I take this I want to use not too much the broad for the beans I want to use lean the chicken broth okay now we have a nice afternoon they said to if we leave a boy okay now we'll leave a cook this unmarried for 15 minutes if this should be done all the same time okay now we take out this one he look up beautiful my Scarola beans with a plum a tomato if this it's the white sauce not it's a time of the test I wanna test first this one over here and look up beautiful look beautiful hey I got over here nice Italian bread yeah got my oh yeah baby hot pepper hmm little bread really good okay now let's taste this white sauce with the beans escarole and not forget my Italian bread the targa bread is so good the dip inside of the big Jew so here really really good okay now before I said something about both first I want to say some of the chinchilla everybody can look at my wife she give it to me a lot of wine now I want to finish this and plus another one saluted ching-ching now I want to say something I was a mega but by my favor what I like more it's with a white sauce the red that's really good I know one said not by prefer the white look at the other the white look that I can eat oh I see you make this let me know whether it's much better for me both it's good the gay know why both you gotta beans and never put a music again I'm making music by myself salute a chinky it will see next time what's up everybody today we will make a scarlet beans I know every bari ok now before something about both what kinda music these when you eat to this you make a dump it go by one alike [Music]


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