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Wolf Howling In Cold And Snow

Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
Free Online JigSaw Puzzle


Wolf Howling In Cold And Snow

A wolf howling in the cold and snow
A haunting sound that echoes and grows
He raises his head to the moon above
And lets out a howl, a cry of love

For the wild and the free, for the life he leads
A hunter and a wanderer, fulfilling his needs
He is at home in the cold and the snow
Running through the forests, fast and low

With his pack by his side, they roam and hunt
A family of wolves, their bond is strong and unyielding
They are at one with the land, with the seasons
They live and they die, in harmony and reason

So here's to the wolf, howling in the night
A symbol of wildness, a beautiful sight
May he continue to roam and run free
In the cold and the snow, for all eternity.

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