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Colorful Carousel Horse

Free Online JigSaw Puzzle
Free Online JigSaw Puzzle

Colorful Carousel Horse

A colorful carousel horse, so bright and gay,
Spinning round and round on its special way.
Its mane of rainbow hues, a dazzling sight,
A beautiful beast in the warm sunlight.

Its body painted in shades of red and blue,
A brilliant mix of colors, so true.
A gold and silver horn, so shiny and fine,
A sight to behold, so grand and divine.

As the carousel spins, the horse takes flight,
Up and down, left and right.
Children cheer and laugh with glee,
As they ride this magical steed.

So come one, come all, and take a spin,
On this colorful carousel horse within.
A ride of joy and delight,
So bright and beautiful, day or night.

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